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Council on the Profession

MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Jenna P CarpenterChair2/01/20161/31/2020Elected by Board. Four year term
Dr. Edward F AboufadelMember2/01/20161/31/2019Ex Officio, Chair, Committee of Status of the Profession
Ricardo CortezMember2/01/20161/31/2019Ex Officio, Chair, Committee on Minority Participation in Mathematics
Richard Alan GillmanMember2/01/20161/31/2019Ex Officio, Chair, Committee on Departmental Review
Christopher Dale GoffMember2/01/20151/31/2018At-large Member for Inclusion
Dr. Semra Kilic-Bahi PhDMember2/01/20171/31/2020Chair, Participation of Women
Dr. Audrey L MalagonMember2/01/20151/31/2018Ex Officio, Chair, Committee on Early Career Mathematicians
Committee Charge
1/28/2011To advise the Association on issues involving individual mathematicians in the teaching, research, and service activities; and issues affecting the professional responsibilities of mathematics departments within their institutions.

Included among the issues involving individual mathematicians in their teaching and research activities are: teaching loads and class size; professional development and continuing education; rewards and recognition; evaluation of teaching and research; professional ethics ;

Included among the issues affecting the professional responsibilities of mathematics departments within their institutions are: standards for employment and promotion; the role of part-time faculty; responsibilities within the institution for teaching mathematics; relationships with client disciplines; compensation; professional development activities for department chairs.

N.B. This committee should work to help faculty and department chairs be better informed about activities directed to addressing issues affecting collegiate mathematics, such as salaries and operating budgets, preparing and updating the Guidelines.

Established August 1997.
2/24/2016Committee Composition: The Chair of the Council is elected by the Board of Governors for a four year term. There is one member-at-large for inclusion. The other members are the Chairs of the following committees: Status of the Profession, Minority Participation in Mathematics; Departmental Review, Participation of Women, Science Policy and Early Career Mathematicians.
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Jenna P CarpenterCo-Chair1/01/20151/31/2018MAA Representative
Dr. Semra Kilic-Bahi PhDMember2/01/20171/31/20202nd Term
Maggy TomovaMember2/24/20161/31/2019AMS Representative
Committee Charge
1/28/2011To identify mechanisms for the enhancement of opportunities for women in the mathematical and statistical sciences, recommend actions to the governing bodies of the member societies in support of these opportunities, and document its recommendations by presenting data.
AMS-ASA-MAA-SIAM Joint Data Committee
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Thomas H BarrMember1/01/20161/31/2019Ex Officio, AMS Staff
Ryan Skip GaribaldiMember1/01/20171/31/2020AMS Representative
Amanda L Golbeck PhdMember2/01/20131/31/2019ASA Representative
Abbe H HerzigMember2/01/20171/31/2020AMS Representative
Dr John P Holcomb JrMember1/01/20171/31/2020
Mr Mark L HuberMember2/01/20161/31/2019AMS Representative
Patti Frazer LockMember1/01/20151/31/2018MAA Representative
Dr. Nathan P RitcheyMember1/01/20151/31/2018MAA Representative
Alexandru I SuciuMember2/01/20162/01/2019AMS Representative
Bogdan M VernescuMember2/01/20161/31/2019SIAM Representative
Qing (wendy) WangMember2/01/20171/31/2020AMS Representative
Committee Charge
9/01/2012To set policies governing the collection and dissemination of data on matters of concern to the U.S. mathematical sciences community. In this capacity, the committee also provides guidance to the staff at the AMS who conduct the relevant data collection through the surveys that constitute the Annual Survey of the Mathematical Sciences. The Committee is also charged with reporting to the mathematical community, through its chair, by written reports in the Notices of the AMS.

Data collection in the past has included the gathering and interpretation of data on the employment of mathematicians, the annual production of Ph.D.'s in the mathematical sciences, and the tracking of starting salaries, faculty salaries, and graduate programs.

In addition, as charged by the 11/88 ECBT, the Committee should also study the continuing and long-range data gathering needs of the mathematical community and make recommendations to the sponsoring societies concerning the establishment of an ongoing data collection effort that will insure reliable, timely, and usable data on the profession.

The Committee has editorial responsibility for the annual publication Assistantships and Graduate Fellowships in the Mathematical Sciences. The Committee should meet on a regular basis, at least annually, to address the issues that fall within its charge.
AMS-MAA Joint Committee on TAs and Part-Time Instructors
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Solomon FriedbergChair2/01/20171/31/20202nd Term as chair
Mr John BollerMember2/01/20171/31/2020AMS Representative
Mr David FuterMember2/01/20161/31/2019AMS Representative
Dr. Angela KubenaMember7/01/20161/31/2020AMS Representive
Prof. Jean Marie Marie LinhartMember1/01/20161/31/2019
Edward RichmondMember2/01/20161/31/2019AMS Representative
Tom RobyMember1/01/20171/31/20202nd Term
Dr. Michael J WeingartMember1/01/20151/31/2018MAA Representative
Committee Charge
6/15/2011To identify and address concerns related to the orientation, training, supervision and evaluation of teaching assistants and part-time instructors. The committee shall coordinate maintenance of data to establish current situations and practices and dissemination of information through meetings and publications. The committee shall coordinate efforts with other appropriate committees of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America.

From AMS Council meeting in April 1988, c/oRobert Daverman
AMS-MAA-SIAM Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Richard LehoucqChair2/01/20161/31/2018SIAM Representtive
Dr. Susan Jeannine DurstMember1/01/20151/31/2018MAA Representative
Douglas E EnsleyMember2/01/20171/31/2021MAA Representative
Lisa GoldbergMember2/01/20171/31/2020AMS Representative
Prof. Tao MeiMember2/01/20151/31/2018AMS Representative
Matthew RicheyMember2/01/20161/31/20192nd Term
Henry K SchenckMember2/01/20161/31/2019AMS Representative
T. Christine StevensMember3/30/20151/31/2021Ex Officio, AMS staff
Gerard A VenemaMember2/01/20141/31/2019Ex Officio, Associate Secretary
Committee on Departmental Review
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Richard Alan GillmanChair2/01/20161/31/2019
Jill M DietzMember2/01/20161/31/2019
William J HigginsMember1/01/20161/31/2019
Jeffrey K LawsonMember1/01/20161/31/2019
J. Lyn Lyn MillerMember1/01/20171/31/2020
Prof. Catherine M MurphyMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
Dr. Perla L MyersMember1/01/20171/31/2020
Henry M WalkerMember1/01/20171/31/2020
Committee Charge
1/28/2011To provide guidance to departments engaged in periodic program review. The focus of the Committee is on how the review process helps strengthen departments of mathematical sciences and the role consultants play in this process. The Committee identifies individuals who are prepared to serve as external consultants and maintains and disseminates resources that guide departments and consultants during the review process.
Committee on Early Career Mathematicians
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Audrey L MalagonChair2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
Jeremiah BartzMember1/01/20161/31/2019
Lisa DriskellMember1/01/20171/31/2020
Dr. Eric EagerMember1/01/20151/31/2018
David T KungMember9/01/20148/31/2018Ex Officio, Director of Project NExT
Jacob A WhiteMember2/01/20161/31/2019Young Mathematicians Network Representative
Committee Charge
1/04/2012To develop, promote, and oversee programs and services for mathematicians in the early stages of their careers (in the first ten years). This is to include programs already existing in this area, such as Project NExT.
Committee on Minority Participation in Mathematics
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Ricardo CortezChair2/01/20161/31/2019
Dr Ron BuckmireMember1/01/20151/31/2018
Dr Dawn LottMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
Lisa E MaranoMember1/01/20171/31/2020
Marco V MartinezMember1/01/20151/31/2018
Cesar Martinez-Garza PhDMember1/01/20161/31/2019
Dr. Frank MorganMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
Margaret L ReeseMember1/01/20151/31/2018
Oscar VegaMember2/01/20171/31/20202nd Term
Dr Cristina VillalobosMember1/01/20171/31/2020
Dr. Talithia WilliamsMember2/01/20161/31/2019
Committee Charge
  • To prepare for approval by the MAA Board of Governors a major policy statement which outlines the current situation with respect to mathematics education and minorities from kindergarten through graduate school and which states the need for increasing the number of minorities in mathematics as a top priority of the Association.

  • Put in priority order and set a time-table for the forty-two specific recommendations of the Task Force Prepare for approval by the MAA Board of Governors a national program aimed at improving mathematics education for minorities;

  • Begin the search for outside funding to support the establishment of an office of Minority Participation in mathematics, and to define its responsibilities;

  • Investigate the possibilities for collaborative efforts with other private and public agencies which share the mutual interest of improving mathematics educations for minorities.

    This committee was formed in 1989 to implement the recommendations of the Task Force on Minorities in Mathematics.
  • Committee On the Faculty and Departments
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Edward F AboufadelChair2/01/20161/31/2019
    Connie M CampbellMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
    Dr. Tim FlowersMember2/01/20171/31/20202nd Term
    Dr. Debra HydornMember1/01/20171/31/2020
    Tyler J JarvisMember1/01/20161/31/2019
    Dr. Benedict K. NmahMember1/01/20161/31/2019
    Emily E PucketteMember1/01/20161/31/2019
    Committee Charge
    4/14/2017To make recommendations on issues involving mathematical sciences faculty in academic departments, as well as the work of those departments. These recommendations will come through the writing of statements for publication, in consultation with other germane MAA committees that reflect best practices in the mathematical community on a variety of current and emerging matters. The goal of these statements is to guide faculty, department chairs, administrators, and members of the Association to make informed decisions. The committee will work with the Council on the Profession and MAA staff to determine the format and distribution of these statements.

    Among the issues to be addressed by these guideline statements are:

    1. Promoting excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service
    2. Standards for employment, tenure, promotion, and other types of evaluation
    3. Course staffing, teaching loads, and class size
    4. Recruiting and sustaining a diverse faculty
    5. Faculty rewards, compensation, and recognition
    6. Use of technology
    7. Professional development, including activities for department chairs
    8. Professional ethics
    9. Role of non-tenure-track faculty in departments
    10. Relationships with client disciplines (e.g. engineering), including identifying who has responsibility within institutions for teaching mathematics courses
    11. Allocation and use of resources, including budget, space, library, and equipment
    12. Support staff

      The committee is expected to publish at least one guidelines statement per year.

      In addition, the committee will be available to the Association and the broader mathematical community for consultation on issues of concern to faculty in academic departments.
    Committee on the Participation of Women
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Semra Kilic-Bahi PhDChair2/01/20171/31/20202nd Term as chair
    Dr. Meghan Maureen De WittMember1/01/20161/31/2019
    Gretchen MatthewsMember1/01/20171/31/2020
    James R MorrowMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Anthony L TongenMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Committee Charge
    1/28/2011The charge of the committee is to work for full involvement of women in the affairs of the MAA and to develop MAA activities that will encourage women in careers in mathematical sciences.

    To achieve these objectives the committee is encouraged to:
  • suggest panels and speakers for national meetings,
  • make suggestions to MAA sections, committees, editors, and officers concerning actions that would increase involvement of women in the MAA, and
  • prepare materials (articles, pamphlets, research reports) that will help inform all members of the MAA about issues of importance concerning the participation of women in the MAA.

    This committee was formed in 1987.
  • Science Policy Committee
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Paul M ZornChair3/17/20171/31/2020
    Prof. Joel M CohenMember2/01/20161/31/20192nd Term
    Dr. Joel L CunninghamMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
    Dr. Daniel L GoroffMember2/01/20161/31/20192nd Term
    Deanna B HaunspergerMember2/01/20171/31/2019Ex Officio, President
    Rachel LevyMember1/01/20161/31/2019
    Prof. Robert Eugene MegginsonMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
    Prof. Jeffrey RemmelMember1/01/20171/31/2020
    Dr. Karen SaxeMember1/01/20161/31/2019
    Committee Charge
  • Discuss, advocate, and act on questions of policy in relations between the MAA and governmental agencies, and between the MAA and other mathematical and scientific societies;

  • Coordinate its discussions, advocacy, and actions with the other societies of the Joint Policy Board of Mathematics;

  • Engage with sections and individual members on questions of policy;

  • Identify speakers and panelists for MAA meetings on topics that bear directly on questions of public policy;

  • Report in a timely fashion to the President and Executive Director on any issue that requires prompt action;

  • Report in writing annually to the Board of Governors of MAA.

    Committee Composition: The President, Past President, and Executive Director serve on the committee ex officio. The Past President serves for one year beyond the term as past president.
  • 1/28/2011The Science Policy Committee was established in 1986.

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