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Executive Council

MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Francis Edward SuChair2/01/20151/31/2017President
Dr. Matt BoelkinsMember2/01/20161/31/20181st Vice President
Timothy P ChartierMember2/01/20161/31/20182nd Vice President
Prof. James W DanielMember9/06/20111/31/2017Treasurer
Deanna B HaunspergerMember2/01/20161/31/2017President-elect
Elizabeth MayfieldMember2/01/20151/31/2018Chair, Committee on Sections
Jennifer J QuinnMember2/01/20151/31/2019Chair, Council on Publications and Communications
Prof. Hortensia SotoMember2/01/20131/31/2018Associate Treasurer
Gerard A VenemaMember2/01/20141/31/2019Associate Secretary, 2nd Term
Dr Barbara T FairesSecretary2/01/20151/31/2020Secretary, 2nd Term
Committee Charge
12/09/2010The charge of the Executive Committee to act on behalf of the Board of Governors on matters that arise between meetings of the Board. It shall provide oversight of grants and contracts. It shall also prepare proposals and make recommendations on the management, policies, and activities of the Association to be acted upon by the Board. Other duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee are enumerated in relevant portions of the bylaws.

The Executive Committee shall act as an Executive Council for the oversight of the committees assigned to them. The following committees are assigned to the Executive Committee: Committee on Committees and Councils; Budget Committee and the Investment Committee

Members of the Executive Committee shall be
  • the Officers
  • the Chair of the Council on Publications and Communications
  • the Chair of the Committee on Sections
  • Ad Hoc Social Media Task Force
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Francis Edward SuChair2/01/20166/30/2016
    Jenna P CarpenterMember2/01/20166/30/2016
    Timothy P ChartierMember2/01/20166/30/2016
    Dr. Dana C ErnstMember2/01/20166/30/2016
    Dr. Edray Herber Goins PhDMember2/01/20166/30/2016
    Allison Kyla HenrichMember2/01/20166/30/2016
    Evelyn LambMember2/01/20166/30/2016
    David S Richeson, PHDMember2/01/20166/30/2016
    Adriana SalernoMember2/01/20166/30/2016
    Ben SpaismanMember2/01/20166/30/2016MAA Staff
    Dr. Laura A TaalmanMember2/01/20166/30/2016
    Prof. Robert TalbertMember2/01/20166/30/2016
    Committee Charge
    2/04/2016To make recommendations to the MAA Executive Committee and staff on the use of the MAA's social media feeds. Bearing in the mind the overall mission of the Association, and practical constraints, the task force should discuss and weigh in on the following questions:

    How should each of the social media feeds be used (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc) and what should the goal of each be? (e.g, discussion, information, MAA news, MAA engagement...)

    What non-MAA content should be posted, and should there be guidelines for deciding? (some examples to consider: math-interest news stories, conferences/announcements from other organizations, etc.)
    How much non-MAA content is advisable?
    Should there be a committee to suggest content for the feeds?

    What kinds of blogs should we cultivate?
    How should proposals for new blogs be vetted?
    AMS-MAA Joint Committee On Cooperation
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Francis Edward SuChair2/01/20151/31/2017MAA, President
    Prof. Robert L BryantMember2/01/20151/31/2017AMS President-Elect
    Dr Barbara T FairesMember2/01/20151/31/2020Secretary
    Donald E McClureMember1/01/20107/01/2016AMS - Executive Director
    Dr. J Michael PearsonMember1/01/201212/31/2016MAA Executive Director
    Prof Carla D SavageMember2/01/20131/31/2017AMS- Secretary
    Budget Committee
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Prof. Hortensia SotoChair1/01/20131/31/2018Associate Treasurer
    Prof. James W DanielMember2/01/20161/31/2022Ex Officio, Treasurer
    Andrew J MatchettMember3/01/20141/31/2017
    Committee Charge
    1/03/2012The charge of the Budget Committee is to work with the Executive Director and Director of Finance to prepare an annual budget for the MAA subject to approval by the Executive Committee and the Board. Further, it shall work with the staff to monitor the current financial status of MAA operations throughout the year and, in so doing, shall be concerned about the early awareness of significant deviations from the budget (decreases in income, threatened increases in expenditures, modifications in the budget, expenditures from the contingency fund, etc.). If necessary, the budget Committee should alert the Executive Committee to developing financial problems and should make appropriate recommendations for corrective action.
    Building Subcommittee of the Budget Committee
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm EndsComments
    Prof. Hortensia SotoChair1/01/20131/31/2018
    Prof. James W DanielMember9/06/20111/31/2017Treasurer
    Dr. Francis Edward SuMember2/01/20151/31/2017President
    Committee on Committees and Councils
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Francis Edward SuChair2/01/20151/31/2017Ex Officio, President
    Dr Virginia M BuchananMember2/01/20141/31/2018Ex Officio, Chair, Council on Meetings and Professional Development
    Jenna P CarpenterMember2/01/20161/31/2020Ex Officio, Chair Council on the Profession
    Dr Barbara T FairesMember2/01/20151/31/2020Secretary
    Deanna B HaunspergerMember2/01/20161/31/2017President-Elect
    Ockle E JohnsonMember2/01/20131/31/2017Ex Officio, Chair of Council on Members and Communities
    Prof. Elgin H JohnstonMember2/01/20161/31/2020Ex Officio, Chair of Council on Outreach
    Dr. J Michael PearsonMember1/01/201212/31/2016MAA ED
    Jennifer J QuinnMember2/01/20151/31/2019Ex Officio, Chair, Council on Publications
    Kay B SomersMember2/01/20131/31/2017Ex Officio, Chair of Council on Programs and Students
    Christine StevensMember2/01/20141/31/2018Ex Officio, Chair, Council on Prizes and Awards
    Committee Charge
    8/16/2010The Charge of the the Committee on Committees and Councils (CoCC) is to oversee the committee and council structure. It shall make recommendations to the Board on charges to councils, standing committees and subcommittees, and on the creation or dissolution of councils and committees. It shall advise the President on appointments to councils and committees except where the procedure for filling of a vacancy is prescribed elsewhere in the Bylaws.
    Committee on Personnel
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Prof. James W DanielChair9/06/20111/31/2022Ex Officio, Treasurer
    Deanna B HaunspergerMember2/01/20161/31/2017Ex Officio, President Elect
    Dr. Francis Edward SuMember2/01/20151/31/2017Ex Officio, President
    Committee Charge
    10/28/2014The Committee on Personnel is comprised of the Treasurer as Chair, the President, and the President-Elect (or Immediate Past President if there is no President-Elect).

    The charge of the committee is as follows:

    1.) To provide management oversight of the Executive Director and the general management of the Association. In particular, it shall determine the compensation of the Executive Director and any other staff as recommended in IRS guidelines; the budget shall be adjusted as necessary to provide for any such expenses.

    2.) To determine the compensation and any other support provided by the Association for its non-employees; the budget shall be adjusted as necessary to provide for any such expenses.

    3.) To review the Association's human resources and benefits policies affecting the MAA staff, including benefits and compensation, recruiting and staffing, performance evaluation, and organizational structure.
    Committee on Reports
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr Barbara T FairesChair2/01/20151/31/2020Secretary
    James AngeloMember10/20/20141/31/2020Ex Officio, Director of Publications
    Robert L DevaneyMember2/01/20151/31/2017Past President
    Jennifer J QuinnMember2/01/20151/31/2019Chair, Council on Publications
    Kay B SomersMember2/01/20131/31/2017Chair, Council on Programs and Students
    Committee Charge
    1/28/2011The charge is to define the criteria for deciding whether a report shall be published and in what form. This policy shall be submitted to the Executive Committees for approval. The Committee on Reports shall develop "MAA Guidelines for Reports."
    Membership: Secretary (Chair), Chairs of the Councils on Education and Publications, Director for Publications and Communications, and the Past-President or the President-Elect.
    Investment Committee
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Prof. James W DanielChair9/06/20111/31/2017
    Prof. Richard J ClearyMember1/01/20141/31/2017
    Kristen NairnMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
    Prof. Hortensia SotoMember1/01/20141/31/2017
    Committee Charge
    1/03/2012The charge of the MAA Investment Committee is to recommend a broad investment policy for the Association, and changes thereto, to the Executive Committee and the Board for approval. At least quarterly, the Investment Committee shall review detailed reports from the Treasurer on all funds and fund transactions involving investment funds. Members of the Investment Committee serve 4-year terms.
    Nominating Committee
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Robert L DevaneyChair2/01/20151/31/2017
    Prof. Richard J ClearyMember2/01/20161/31/2020
    Prof. Susan Jane ColleyMember2/01/20161/31/2020
    P. Gavin LaRoseMember2/01/20141/31/2018
    Harriet S PollatsekMember2/01/20141/31/2018

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