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Committee on Committees and Councils

MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Francis Edward SuChair2/01/20151/31/2017Ex Officio, President
Dr Virginia M BuchananMember2/01/20141/31/2018Ex Officio, Chair, Council on Meetings and Professional Development
Jenna P CarpenterMember2/01/20161/31/2020Ex Officio, Chair Council on the Profession
Barbara T FairesMember2/01/20151/31/2020Secretary
Deanna B HaunspergerMember2/01/20161/31/2017President-Elect
Ockle E JohnsonMember2/01/20131/31/2017Ex Officio, Chair of Council on Members and Communities
Prof. Elgin H JohnstonMember2/01/20161/31/2020Ex Officio, Chair of Council on Outreach
Dr. J Michael PearsonMember1/01/201212/31/2016MAA ED
Jennifer J QuinnMember2/01/20151/31/2019Ex Officio, Chair, Council on Publications
Kay B SomersMember2/01/20131/31/2017Ex Officio, Chair of Council on Programs and Students
T. Christine StevensMember2/01/20141/31/2018Ex Officio, Chair, Council on Prizes and Awards
Committee Charge
8/16/2010The Charge of the the Committee on Committees and Councils (CoCC) is to oversee the committee and council structure. It shall make recommendations to the Board on charges to councils, standing committees and subcommittees, and on the creation or dissolution of councils and committees. It shall advise the President on appointments to councils and committees except where the procedure for filling of a vacancy is prescribed elsewhere in the Bylaws.