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Council on Outreach Programs

MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Deanna B HaunspergerChair2/01/20121/31/2016
Dr. Charles Ray Garner Jr.Member2/01/20141/31/2017Ex Officio, Governor-at-Large for High School Teachers
Prof. Elgin H JohnstonMember10/22/20146/30/2016Ex-officio, Chair of Committee on the American Mathematics Competition
Dr Andrew C.F. LiuMember1/01/20121/31/20152nd Term (2012)
Nancy Ann A NeudauerMember1/01/20111/31/2016
Prof Tatiana ShubinMember2/01/20141/31/20172nd Term
Dr. Rebecca I SwansonMember1/01/20131/31/2016
Dr James S TantonMember1/01/20131/31/2016
Paul A ZeitzMember1/01/20121/31/20152nd Term (2012)
AMS-MAA-SIAM Joint Committee on the Porter Public Lecture
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Prof Robert J DavermanChair1/06/20141/31/2017AMS representative
Sharon ArroyoMember1/06/2014SIAM representative
Aloysius HelminckMember1/06/2014SIAM representative
Dr Reza SarhangiMember1/06/20141/31/2017MAA representative
Doris J SchattschneiderMember1/06/20141/31/2015MAA representative
Committee Charges
9/25/2013The Committee is a joint committee of six with two members from each of AMS, MAA, SIAM; the chair of the committee will rotate among the societies. The responsibility of the Committee is to select the speaker to give the Porter public lecture at the Joint Mathematics Meetings each January; the Committee makes its recommendation to the Associate Secretary of the MAA.
College Board-MAA Joint Committee on Mutual Concerns
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
David M BressoudCo-Chair2/01/20131/31/2016
Dr. Roxy PeckCo-Chair1/01/20131/31/2016
Stephen L DavisMember1/01/20131/31/2016MAA Representative
Ms Robin K O'CallaghanMember1/16/2009Ex officio, Senior Director of Mathematics, College Board Representative/Staff
William Y VelezMember1/01/20131/31/2015MAA Representative
Committee Charges
1/28/2011The College Board - MAA Joint Committee on Mutual Concerns provides the opportunity for the exchange of information and open discussion of concerns on issues of mutual interest to the College Board and the MAA.
Committee on the American Mathematics Competitions
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Prof. Elgin H JohnstonChair10/22/20146/30/2016
Dr Norbert J KuenziChair7/01/20136/30/2015Ex Officio, Chair, AMC 8
Dr David BenkoMember7/01/20126/30/2015AMS Representative
Dr Steven R DunbarMember1/24/2002MAA Staff
Prof Silvia FernandezMember7/01/20136/30/2016Ex Officio, Co-Chair AMC 10
Dr. Charles Ray Garner Jr.Member2/01/20141/31/2017Ex Officio, Governor-at-Large, High School Teachers
Dr Jerrold W GrossmanMember7/01/2014Chair, AMC 12
Jonathan M KaneMember7/01/20086/30/2016Ex Officio, Chair of AIME
Subcommittee on the AMC 10/AMC 12 Exams
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm EndsComments
Prof Silvia FernandezCo-Chair7/01/20136/30/2016AMC 10
Dr Jerrold W GrossmanCo-Chair7/01/20146/30/2017Chair - AMC 12
Dr Steven R DunbarMember1/25/20026/30/2015MAA Staff
Marta EsoMember7/01/20146/30/20172nd Term
Jonathan M KaneMember7/01/20146/30/2016Ex Officio, Chair of AIME
Dr Michael John Khoury Jr.Member7/01/20146/30/2017
Dr Norbert J KuenziMember7/01/20136/30/2015Ex Officio, Chair of AMC 8
Dr. Carl YergerMember7/01/20146/30/2017
Subcommittee on the AMC 8 Exam
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm EndsComments
Dr Norbert J KuenziChair7/01/20136/30/2015
Mr Bruce E BrombacherMember7/01/20146/30/2017
Dr Barbara A CurrierMember7/01/20146/30/2017
Dr Steven R DunbarMember1/25/2002MAA Staff
Prof Silvia FernandezMember7/01/20136/30/2016
Mr Joshua FrostMember7/01/20146/30/2017
Subcommittee on the American Invitational Mathematics Exam
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm EndsComments
Jonathan M KaneChair7/01/20146/30/20162nd Term
Dr Steven R DunbarMember1/24/20026/30/2015MAA Staff
Prof Jacek FabrykowskiMember7/01/20146/30/2016Ex Officio, Chair of the Math Olympiad; 2nd Term
Zuming FengMember7/01/20146/30/2017
Dr Ellina GrigorievaMember7/01/20146/30/2017
Dr Jerrold W GrossmanMember7/01/20146/30/2017Chair AMC 12
Tamas SzaboMember7/01/20126/30/2015
Prof. David M WellsMember7/01/20146/30/2017
Dr. David Jacob WildstromMember7/01/20146/30/2017
Subcommittee on the United States Math Olympiad
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm EndsComments
Prof Jacek FabrykowskiChair7/01/20146/30/20172nd Term
Gabriel CarrollMember7/01/20146/30/2017
Dr Steven R DunbarMember1/24/20026/30/2015MAA Staff
Zuming FengMember7/06/20121/31/2015ex officio
Dr. Razvan GelcaMember7/01/20126/30/2015
Prof. Sidney W GrahamMember7/01/20126/30/2015
Jonathan M KaneMember7/01/20136/30/2016Chair AIME
MAA Representative to Mu Alpha Theta
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr Steven R DunbarMember8/10/2009MAA Staff
MAA-NCTM Joint Committee on Mutual Concerns
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Michael E BoardmanChair1/10/20141/31/2017NCTM Representative
Elizabeth A BurroughsMember2/01/20121/31/2015Ex Officio, Chair of COMET MAA Representative
Mr Dane R CampMember5/01/201112/31/2014Liason to NCTM Board of Directors
Judith L CovingtonMember1/01/20121/31/20152nd Term, MAA Representative
Dr Susan L FormanMember1/01/20121/31/20152nd Term, MAA Representative
Dr Eileen F LeeMember1/01/20141/30/2017MAA representative
Committee Charges
1/28/2011The six-member committee, composed of three representatives of NCTM and three of MAA, is charged as follows:

develop a joint position statement replacing the March 1986 letter of understanding about calculus;

consider issues of courses taught in secondary school that are considered to be "college" courses;

consider issues of courses taught in college that are considered to be "high school" courses.

The committee should be guided by the principle that the level of content should match the level of the courses for which students receive credit.