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Council on Publications and Communications

MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Jennifer J QuinnChair2/01/20151/31/2019
James AngeloMember10/20/20141/31/2020Ex Officio, Director of Publications
Dr Scott T ChapmanMember2/01/20141/31/2017Ex Officio, Chair of Committee on Journals.
Prof. James W DanielMember1/01/20121/31/2017Ex Officio, Treasurer
Fernando GouveaMember1/01/20141/31/2017Ex officio, chair of Committee on Books
Thomas M HalversonMember1/01/20141/31/2017
Prof. Judy A HoldenerMember1/01/20141/31/2017
Lawrence C MooreMember1/22/2009Mathematical Sciences Digital Library, Executive Director
Committee Charges
11/24/2014The charge of the Council is to:
  • Serve, where appropriate, as an intermediary between committees, editorial boards, and the Executive Council.
  • Handle difficulties that committees or editoral boards have been unable to resolve.
  • Analyze new ideas in the area of publications and communications as they arise, whether the ideas come from committtess, neditoral boards, staff or other members.
  • Foster communciation among all those involved in publications.
  • Work to develop new talent in the area of publications.
  • Coordinate with other councils.

    Committee Composition:
    The Chair of the Council on Publications and Communications is elected by the Board of Governors. Other members include: Chair of the Committee on Books, Chair of the Committee on Journals and Publications, Executive editor of MathDL, Director of Publications, and the editor of MAA Focus.
  • American Mathematical Monthly Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Gerald A EdgarAssoc Editor1/01/201212/31/2016Problems Editor
    Mr Douglas A HensleyAssoc Editor1/01/201212/31/2016Problems Editor
    Mr Jeffrey L NunemacherAssoc Editor1/01/201212/31/2016Book Reviews Editor
    Prof. Sergei TabachnikovAssoc Editor1/01/201212/31/2016Notes Editor
    Dr Douglas B WestAssoc Editor1/01/201212/31/2016Problems Editor
    Dr Scott T ChapmanEditor1/01/201212/31/2016
    Dr. William A AdkinsMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    David AldousMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Prof. Elizabeth S AllmanMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Jonathan M BorweinMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Jason Greene BoyntonMember1/02/201212/31/2016
    Dr. Edward B BurgerMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Dr. Minerva Cordero-EppersonMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Allan P DonsigMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Michael John DorffMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Daniela FerreroMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Dr. Luis David Garcia-PuenteMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Prof. Sidney W GrahamMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Prof. Tara S HolmMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Prof. Eleanor JenkinsMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Daniel KrashenMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Ulrich KrauseMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Prof Charles D LahrMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Dr. Jeffrey K LawsonMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Susan R LoeppMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Dr Irina MitreaMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Prof. Bruce P PalkaMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Dr. Vadim PonomarenkoMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Prof Catherine A RobertsMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Ms Rachel D RobertsMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Ivelisse M RubioMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Adriana SalernoMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Dr Edward R ScheinermanMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Dr Anne V SheplerMember1/01/201512/31/2016
    Prof. Frank SottileMember1/01/201412/31/2016
    Dr Susan G StaplesMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Prof. Daniel H UllmanMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Daniel J VellemanMember1/01/201212/31/2016
    Prof Steven H WeintraubMember1/01/201512/31/2016
    AMS-MAA Joint Committee on Archives
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Amy K Ackerberg-HastingsChair2/01/20151/31/2016MAA Representative, 2nd Term
    Dr. Bill CasselmanMember2/01/20141/31/2017AMS Representative
    Dr. Dan SloughterMember1/01/20131/31/2016MAA Representative
    Prof. John Colin StillwellMember1/01/20131/31/2016AMS Representative
    David Earl ZitarelliMember2/01/20131/31/2016MAA Representative, 2nd Term
    Carus Monographs Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Fernando GouveaEditor7/12/20121/31/2016
    Prof. Donald J AlbersMember4/01/20131/31/2016
    Prof. Donna L BeersMember1/01/20131/31/20162nd Term
    Dr. Michael C BergMember2/01/20141/31/20172nd Term
    Satyan L DevadossMember1/01/20131/31/20162nd Term
    Dr. Gizem KaraaliMember4/19/20131/31/2016
    Prof. David P RobertsMember4/15/20131/31/2016
    Helene R TylerMember2/01/20141/31/20172nd Term
    Classroom Capsules and Notes
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Jeff ChenAssoc Editor1/16/20101/31/2016
    Prof. Olaf P StackelbergEditor1/01/20111/31/2017
    Prof. Curtis D BennettMember1/01/20111/31/2017
    Dr. Suzanne Ingrid DoreeMember1/16/20101/31/2016
    Danrun HuangMember1/16/20101/31/2016
    Committee Charges
    11/20/2014The charge of the committee is to select and manage content for the online resource Classroom Capsules and Notes, from the three MAA journals (Monthly, Mathematics Magazine, College Mathematics Journal). To raise awareness of this resource and encourage its use among MAA members.
    Classroom Resource Materials Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr Susan G StaplesEditor2/01/20141/31/2017
    Dr. Jennifer BergnerMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
    Dr. Caren L DiefenderferMember1/01/20141/31/2017
    Christina Eubanks-TurnerMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Prof. Christopher HallstromMember1/01/20141/31/2017
    Prof. Cynthia J HuffmanMember2/01/20141/31/20172nd Term
    Dr. Brian Paul KatzMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Dr Paul R KlingsbergMember1/01/20131/31/2016
    Brian LinsMember1/01/20141/31/2017
    Dr. Mary Eugenia MorleyMember1/01/20131/31/2016
    Dr. Philip P MummertMember2/01/20141/31/20172nd Term
    Darryl YongMember1/01/20141/31/2017
    Committee Charges
    1/31/2011The MAA Classroom Resource Materials series is intended to provide faculty with resource materials not ordinarily available through commercial publishers. The series is a response to a survey of members in which 45 percent of the respondents indicated a strong interest in obtaining useful classroom resource materials. When appropriate, the material will be published in a form that is easily duplicated for distribution to students. The committee solicits, reviews and edits manuscripts for this series.
    College Mathematics Journal Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Brian HopkinsEditor1/01/201412/31/2018
    Dr. Ricardo AlfaroMember1/01/201412/31/2018Classroom Capsules Editor
    Dr. Sarah-Marie BelcastroMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Dr. Arthur T BenjaminMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Prof. Susan Jane ColleyMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Curtis N CooperMember1/01/201412/31/2018Problems and Solutions Editor
    Susan W GoldstineMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Prof. Lixing HanMember1/01/201412/31/2018Classoom Capsules Editor
    Prof Heather A HulettMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Gary Philip KennedyMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Prof. Daniel L KingMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Dr. Dominic KlyveMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Dr. Brynja KohlerMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Tanya L LeiseMember1/01/201412/31/2018Media Highlights Editor
    Vincent J MatskoMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Dr. Peter R MercerMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Prof. Nancy Ann A NeudauerMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Mr Warren PageMember1/01/201412/31/2018Media Highlights Editor
    Dr Brigitte I ServatiusMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Prof. Shing S SoMember1/01/201412/31/2018Problems and Solutions Editor
    Dr Philip D StraffinMember1/01/201412/31/2018Media Highlights Editor
    Dr. Jeff SuzukiMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Mr Todd G WillMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Robin T WilsonMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Committee on Books
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Fernando GouveaChair2/01/20131/31/2016Ex Officio, Carus Monographs Editoral Board
    Carol A. BaxterMember10/11/20131/31/2018Ex Officio, Associate Director of Publications
    Stephen F KennedyMember7/01/20136/30/2018Ex Officio, Senior Acquisitions Editor
    Michael K MayMember2/01/20131/31/2016Ex Officio, MAA Notes Editorial Board
    Prof. Gail S NelsonMember1/01/20151/31/2018Ex Officio, Problem Books Series
    Harriet S PollatsekMember2/01/20141/31/2017Ex Officio, Dolciani Mathematical Expositions
    Dr. Karen SaxeMember2/01/20141/31/2017Ex Officio, The Anneli Lax New Mathematical Library Editorial Board; 2nd Term
    Prof. Stanley E SeltzerMember2/01/20141/31/2017Ex Officio, MAA Textbook Series
    Dr Susan G StaplesMember2/01/20141/31/2017Ex Officio, Classroom Resources Editorial Board
    James J TattersallMember2/01/20141/31/2017Ex Officio, Spectrum Editorial Board
    Committee Charges
    1/12/2010The Committee on Books will approve all new books before publication and ensure that the various editors communicate with one another as well as with editors of print and electronic journals.
    It will support its associate editors and serve as the starting point for problem solving and innovation in the relevant area of publication. In particular, proposals for changes in the MAA portfolio of publications will be analyzed first by this committee.
    This committee will include all the editors of book series and relevant staff (the Senior Acquistions Editor and the Associate Director for Publications, at present).
    Committee on Journals
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr Scott T ChapmanChair2/01/20141/31/2017American Mathematical Monthly
    James AngeloMember10/20/20141/31/2020Ex Officio, Director of Publications
    Dr Janet L BeeryMember2/01/20141/31/2017Convergence
    Fernando GouveaMember1/01/20121/31/2017MAA Reviews
    Brian HopkinsMember1/01/201412/31/2018College Mathematics Journal
    Mr Michael A JonesMember1/01/20151/31/2019Mathematics Magazine
    Ivars PetersonMember1/01/20156/30/2015MAA Focus
    Dr. Jennifer J QuinnMember2/01/20151/31/2019Chair, Council on Publications
    David S RichesonMember1/01/201412/31/2018Math Horizons
    Beverly RuediMember2/01/20141/31/2018MAA Staff
    Committee Charges
    1/12/2010The Committee on Journals will monitor operations of all periodicals and communications, ensuring that the various editors communicate with one another, as well as with the editors of book series.
    It will support its associate editors and serve as the starting point for problem solving and innovation in the relevant area of publication. In particular, proposals for changes in the MAA portfolio of publications will be analyzed first by this committee.
    The Committee on Journals will include all editors of journals (print and electronic), the executive director of MathDL, and relevant staff (the Director of Publications and the Assistant Director for Publications, at present).
    Convergence Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr Janet L BeeryEditor2/01/20141/31/2017
    Dr. Amy K Ackerberg-HastingsMember2/01/20141/31/2016
    Dr Kathleen M ClarkMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    Lawrence A D'AntonioMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    Dr. Douglas E EnsleyMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    Prof. Victor J KatzMember2/01/20151/31/2018
    Prof. Daniel E OteroMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    Dr. Gabriela R SanchisMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Mr Randy Ken SchwartzMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    Lee StemkoskiMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    Prof. Gary S StoudtMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Dolciani Mathematical Expositions Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Harriet S PollatsekEditor2/01/20141/31/2017
    Dr. Elizabeth DenneMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    Ricardo L DiazMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Prof Emily H MooreMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    Michael J MossinghoffMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    Prof. Margaret M RobinsonMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    Ayse A SahinMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Prof. Dan E SteffyMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Robert W VallinMember2/01/20151/31/2018
    Joseph F WagnerMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    MAA Focus Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Ivars PetersonEditor1/01/20116/30/2015
    James AngeloMember10/20/20141/31/2020Ex Officio, Director of Publications
    MAA Notes Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Michael K MayEditor2/01/20141/31/20171st term as Chair
    Prof. Michael C AxtellMember2/01/20141/31/20173rd term
    Ms Anneke BartMember1/01/20131/31/2016
    Prof. Christopher L FrenzenMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
    Dr Erica Marlys HastertMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Dr Hugh HowardsMember1/01/20131/31/2016
    Prof. Elizabeth W McMahonMember1/01/20131/31/2016
    Prof Louise A RaphaelMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Dr. Dan SloughterMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    Stephen J WillsonMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    Dr. Joe YanikMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    MAA Reviews
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Fernando GouveaEditor2/01/20141/31/20172nd Term
    MAA Textbooks Series
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Prof. Stanley E SeltzerEditor2/01/20141/31/2017
    Prof. Matthias BeckMember1/01/20141/31/2017
    Prof. Richard E BedientMember2/01/20141/31/20172nd Term
    Mr Otto BretscherMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Heather Ann DyeMember1/01/20141/31/2017
    Dr. Charles R HamptonMember1/01/20131/31/2016
    Jacqueline A Jensen-VallinMember2/17/20151/31/2018
    Dr. Suzanne Lynne LarsonMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Prof John LorchMember1/01/20131/31/2016
    Virginia A NoonburgMember2/17/20151/31/2018
    Dr. Susan F PustejovskyMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
    Elsa J SchaeferMember1/01/20131/31/2016
    Math Horizons Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    David S RichesonEditor1/01/201412/31/2018
    Prof. Ezra A BrownMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Dr. Nathan Carlson CarterMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Marc A ChamberlandMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Timothy P ChartierMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Dr. Alissa S CransMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Michael John DorffMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    William W DunhamMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Dr. Dana C ErnstMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Brie FinegoldMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Jeffrey S ForresterMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Gary P GordonMember1/01/201412/31/2018Problems Editor
    Deanna B HaunspergerMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Prof. Angie M HodgeMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    David T KungMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Dr Colm K MulcahyMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Dr. Pamela B PierceMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Dr. Jennifer J QuinnMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Allan J RossmanMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Dr. Amy E Shell-GellaschMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Prof Steven H StrogatzMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Dr. Talitha M WashingtonMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Prof. James S WisemanMember1/01/201412/31/2018
    Mathematics Magazine Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Mr Bernardo M AbregoAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019Problems Editor
    Julie Catherine BeierAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Prof. Leah Wrenn BermanAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Mr Paul J CampbellAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019Reviews Editor
    Annalisa CrannellAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019Transition Associate Editor
    Stephanie EdwardsAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Dr. Rebecca GarciaAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    James D HarperAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Deanna B HaunspergerAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Allison Kyla HenrichAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Warren JohnsonAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2015
    Prof. Keith M KendigAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Dr Dawn LottAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Dr. Anthony MendesAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Dr. Lon MitchellAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Roger B NelsenAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Dr. David R ScottAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Dr. Brittany SheltonAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Prof. Paul K StockmeyerAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019Transition Assocate Editor
    Jennifer M WilsonAssoc Editor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Mr Michael A JonesEditor1/01/201512/31/2019
    Problem Books Series
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Prof. Gail S NelsonEditor2/01/20152/01/20182nd Term
    Dr Claudi AlsinaMember1/01/20131/31/2016
    Scott AnninMember2/02/20151/31/20182nd term
    Adam H BerlinerMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Dr. Jennifer Roche BowenMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Prof. Douglas B MeadeMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    John H RickertMember2/01/20141/31/2017
    Dr Zsuzsanna SzaniszloMember2/01/20151/31/2018
    Eric R WestlundMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Subseries on American Mathematics Competitions Problems
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm EndsComments
    Prof. Elgin H JohnstonEditor1/16/20082nd Term (2008)
    Spectrum Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Mr Gerald L AlexandersonCo-Editor2/01/20141/31/20165th Term
    James J TattersallCo-Editor2/01/20141/31/2017
    Dr Virginia M BuchananMember1/01/20131/31/2016
    Mr Thomas L DruckerMember1/01/20141/31/2017
    Prof. Richard K GuyMember2/01/20131/31/20163rd Term
    Dr. Dominic KlyveMember1/01/20141/31/2017
    Shawnee L. McMurranMember2/01/20141/31/20172nd Term
    Prof. Daniel E OteroMember1/01/20131/31/2016
    Prof. Jean J PedersenMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
    Marvin SchaeferMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
    Committee Charges
    1/31/2011This committee was formed in 1987.
    The Spectrum Series of the Mathematical Association of America was so named to reflect its purpose: to publish a broad range of books including biographies, accessible expositions of old or new mathematical ideas, reprints and revisions of excellent out-of-print books, popular works, and other monographs of high interest that will appeal to a broad range of readers, including students and teachers of mathematics, mathematical amateurs, and researchers.
    Spectrum Books will consist of wide-ranging, high-quality volumes that complement existing series and round out the Association's overall book publishing program. Proposed projects include biographies, popular expositions of old and new ideas in the mathematical sciences, elementary problem books, volumes dealing with historical topics, and books that focus on the teaching of mathematics. Occasional reprints of outstanding out-of-print books might also become Spectrum volumes.
    The Anneli Lax New Mathematical Library Editorial Board
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Dr. Karen SaxeEditor2/01/20141/31/20172nd Term
    Prof. Timothy G FeemanMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
    Prof. John H McClearyMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
    Dr. Katharine OttMember2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
    Dr. Katherine S SochaMember2/01/20141/31/20172nd Term
    Dr James S TantonMember2/01/20151/31/20172nd Term
    Jennifer M WilsonMember1/01/20151/31/2018

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