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Council on Members and Communities

MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Jennifer R GalovichChair2/01/20171/31/2021
Dr. Gregory E CoxsonMember1/01/20141/31/2018Ex Officio, Chair of Committee on Business, Industry and Government
Kira Hylton HammanMember1/01/20171/31/2020Chair, Membership Committee
Elizabeth MayfieldMember2/01/20151/31/2018Ex Officio, Chair, Commitee on Sections
Andrew J MillerMember2/01/20161/31/2019Ex Officio, Chair of SIGMAAs
Dr. Jason MolitiernoMember1/01/20171/31/2020
Calvin R. Van NiewaalMember2/01/20161/31/2019Ex Officio, Chair of Department Liaisons
Committee on Business, Industry, and Government Mathematics
MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
Dr. Gregory E CoxsonChair2/01/20151/31/20182nd Term
Dr. Michael P CohenMember1/01/20151/31/2018
James H FifeMember1/01/20171/31/2020
Dr. Elizabeth D RussellMember1/01/20151/31/2018
Jan RychtarMember1/01/20161/31/2019
Dr. Christina SelbyMember1/01/20161/31/2019
Dr. David R StoneMember2/01/20161/31/2019
Dr. Shirley YapMember1/01/20151/31/2018
Committee Charge
1/28/2011To encourage a greater role in MAA activities for mathematicians outside academia, by activities such as:

  • encouraging program elements and publications of interest to MAA members who work in government, industry, and business; and

  • cooperating with the Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics on appropriate or related undergraduate curriculum items.
  • Committee on Sections
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Elizabeth MayfieldChair2/01/20151/31/2018
    Dr. Karen Sue BriggsMember1/01/20161/31/2019
    Dr. Ximena CatepillanMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Benjamin V.C. CollinsMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    James E ConklinMember1/01/20161/31/2019
    Pam CrawfordMember1/01/20171/31/2020
    Wiebke S DiestelkampMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Dr. Mark A FitchMember1/01/20161/31/2019
    Dr. Thomas D HendricksMember1/01/20171/31/2020
    Daniel J HrozencikMember2/01/20171/31/20202nd Term
    Joel IiamsMember2/01/20161/31/2019
    Dr. Edward C KeppelmannMember2/01/20171/31/20202nd Term
    Dr. Karen Batt StanishMember1/01/20171/31/2020
    Committee Charge
    6/11/2013To support and coordinate activities of the Sections and advise the Board on all matters related to Sections.
    Committee on SIGMAAs
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Andrew J MillerChair2/01/20161/31/2019
    Dr. Stacy A BrownMember1/01/20161/31/2019
    Dr. Douglas G BurkholderMember1/01/20161/31/2019
    Dr. Darrah P ChaveyMember2/01/20171/31/20182nd Term
    Dr Patricia B HumphreyMember2/01/20161/31/2019
    Mr Jeffrey IbbotsonMember1/01/20171/31/2020
    Herbert E KasubeMember1/01/20171/31/2020
    William D StoneMember1/01/20161/31/2019
    Dr Roger A WaggonerMember2/01/20161/31/2018
    Committee Charge
    1/28/2011To monitor activities of SIGMAAs and see that the SIGMAAs are properly connected to the organizational structure of the MAA;

    to present issues concerning SIGMAAs to the Executive Committee;

    to address issues facing the SIGMAAs, such as elections, websites, membership, etc.;

    to recommend the acceptance of new SIGMAAs or dissolution of non-functioning SIGMAAs to the Executive Committee.
    Membership Committee
    MemberPositionTerm BeginsTerm Ends Comments
    Kira Hylton HammanChair2/01/20171/31/20202nd Term, first as chair
    Dr Bradford ChinMember1/01/20151/31/2018
    Prof. James W DanielMember2/01/20171/31/2022Ex officio, Treasurer
    Prof. Tepper L GillMember2/01/20161/31/2019
    Dr. Robert F OlinMember2/01/20161/31/2019
    Dr. Candice Renee PriceMember2/01/20161/31/2019
    Alicia Prieto LangaricaMember1/01/20171/31/2020
    Elizabeth WilcoxMember2/01/20171/31/20202nd Term
    Prof. Helen WongMember1/01/20171/31/20202nd Term
    Committee Charge
    1/08/2015 To identify the needs of current and prospective MAA members;

    To make recommendations for ways in which MAA membership benefits might meet these needs;

    To review proposals for maintaining and expanding membership in the MAA;

    To work closely with the MAA staff to ensure the feasibility and implementations of the committee's recommendations.

    Adopted by the BOG on 1/8/2015

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