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New Bylaws Proposed

Beginning in its January 2014 meeting in Baltimore, the Board of Governors has engaged in multiple discussions over several meetings regarding MAA governance and communication.  Out of those conversations, a broad consensus emerged for a new leadership structure and updated bylaws.  

The proposed changes, which are in line with best practice recommendations for nonprofit organizations, include a smaller Board of Directors that will allow the leadership to act more quickly and nimbly in response to challenges such as the rapid changes wrought by the digital revolution. At the same time, we will retain broad representation of the membership through the new Congress, which shall set long-term strategic goals, advise the Board, and be a conduit for communication among constituencies of the MAA.

At their August meeting, the Board of Governors unanimously recommended the passage of the new bylaws.

As required by our current bylaws, the vote on changes to the bylaws will take place in a face-to-face business meeting.  This business meeting will occur at the Joint Meetings in January in Atlanta on Saturday, January 7, at 11:10 am in the Atrium Ballroom in the Marriott.  At least 50 members of the Association must vote, of whom at least 2/3 must approve of the changes.

An email invitation to attend this meeting will also be sent directly to all members of the MAA by no later than early December 2016.  

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More information on the proposed changes, as well as a report on the August meeting of the Board of Governors, appears in the October/November issue of MAA FOCUS