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Jessie Caruso

Jessie Caruso

Jessie Caruso

B.S. Mathematics/Computer Science, Youngstown State University

M.S. Software Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University

Senior Systems Integrator
CollabraSpace, Inc.

I am a Senior Systems Integrator with CollabraSpace, Inc. I am working in a contracted position serving an intelligence agency within the Department of Defense. My position entails meeting with customers from various sites, world wide, collecting their system and software requirements, and then constructing the best, most efficient IT solution. This solution provides them with the network capability and system functionality they need to complete their daily, vital jobs. IT support for our customer begins at the requirements gathering stage and follows through to design of the system solution, deployment of IT hardware and then customer support and application maintenance following the deployment. The ideal situation would be that the identical IT solution would work for each site we support. In actuality, that is rarely the case. Each site provides unique IT challenges that must be addressed before equipment and manpower can be allocated to each location.

My mathematical background has taught me how to approach these challenges in a logical fashion. I use my learned problem solving skills to respond, adapt and successfully address any problems or glitches that arise. Confidence in these skills helps me to keep my cool and think clearly even in highly stressful and time critical situations. All this ensures that our customers are happy customers, but more importantly, that they can perform their jobs, which in some cases, support our military, and in all cases, help to ensure our nation's security.