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Sonja Everswick

Sonja Everswick>

BA Mathematics
Messiah College

Director, Investment Product and Platform Development

Registered Representative (NASD Licenses 7 & 66)

Accredited Asset Management Specialist

A mathematical background is a great catalyst for a variety of careers and opportunities. Once graduating with my BA in Mathematics I was approached by numerous investment companies as well as teaching opportunities. Not sure of what I really wanted to pursue, I decided to start with the most unlikely choice - investments. I had never even taken a business course! But, immediately I was astonished at how the reasoning and logic skills I had mastered in college were being used on a daily basis while learning about different investment vehicles.

I started in the Mutual Funds department, was recruited to the Managed Accounts Consulting Group, and am now responsible for the Wealth Management Solutions product and platform development team, where our responsibilities include client profiling, asset allocation, investment selection and the generation of an investment policy statement. In addition, I am responsible for giving demonstrations to potential bank firms showcasing our capabilities as well as the training of new clients. Clearly, my degree in mathematics laid the groundwork for my already successful career at a fortune 500 company by providing me the ability to analyze situations and solve complex problems, and my education minor has been a great asset for presentations and training individuals on new products.

Having a degree in mathematics surely does not limit the possible employment opportunities but ensures success in whatever field the individual pursues.