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Guidelines for Local Arrangement Chair and/or Committee

The Local Arrangement Chair/Committee (LAC) for a Section Meeting should be appointed a year in advance of the meeting, should be faculty at the host college, and should be familiar with the structure of past section meetings.

The LAC will be responsible for:

  • Reserving meeting rooms at the site
  • Arranging for technology (Audio/Visual) needed
  • Providing space for vendors
  • Arranging for maps to the site and parking for the day(s) of the meeting
  • Planning any food events (with the support of vendors)
  • Developing a list of hotels near the site
  • Preparing the handouts (bags, folders, programs) for the day of the event
  • Updating the Section Leaderingship of the meeting costs
  • Providing a Section Meeting Report to MAA Headquarters


As hosts of the event, the LAC should also:

  • Provide support for registration and MAA books sales
  • Assist guest speakers
  • Share important information (dates, times, location, etc) with the Section Webmaster and Newsletter Editor


Following the meeting the LAC will submit all registration information and monies to the Section Treasurer.

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