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Expense Reimbursement

Updated 6/13/2012

The MAA Executive Committee implement a new policy for support of official section representatives attending the section officers meeting held at MAA MathFest each year.

This policy:

  • recognizes that participation in the section officers meetings is voluntary and contained within the timeframe of the general meeting itself
  • recognizes that the section officers meetings are a shared opportunity by the Association and the sections to address the needs and advance the priorities of the sections.

In year (n), each section will receive the value of the regular registration fee for MAA Mathest (currently a $250 value) in year (n) in addition to its July subvention payment, if it had an official representative(other than the section governor) at the section officer’s meeting at MathFest in year (n-1). The section will be responsible for reimbursing its official representative this amount plus any additional amount that the section feels appropriate.

Please note: The official representative MUST attend and sign in at the section officers meeting for the section to be eligible for funding for the following year.

If you have any questions please contact Rick Gillman.

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