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Section Officers Listserv

MAA Section Officer listservs are valuable communication mechanisms, allowing us to share ideas, activities, speakers, success stories etc. The listserv was designed with a full-featured web interface as well, which allows subscribers to manage their subscription settings (e.g. select digest mode, or RSS feed), access the list archives, etc.

Which officers should be on the Section Officers listserv? We leave this as a local option unless the list becomes too large and there is too much traffic; for now, all section officers are welcome -- think "inclusive". Former officers are welcome to stay on if they wish.

The following instructions make it possible for section officers to join one or all of the following section officers listservs:

PLEASE NOTE: section-XXXX is the name of your particular list, which may be obtained from above or from the MAA Programs Department.

Instructions for Listservs

To Subscribe — Send an email to, with the command SUBSCRIBE section-xxxx section officertitle firstname lastname either in the subject line or as a single line in the body of the email.

To Unsubscribe — Send an email to, with the command SIGNOFF section-xxxx either in the subject line or in a single line in the body of the email.

To Post A Message To The List — Send an email to 
Please Note: — you must be subscribed to the list in order to post messages.

Learn General User Commands For The Listserv — Send an email to, with the command HELP either in the subject line or in a single line in the body of the email.

You can also handle your listserv subscriptions online. Click here for details.

If you experience any problems or have any questions about listservs, please email the MAA Programs Department.

Questions about Sections? | email Programs and Services at