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Computational and Mathematical Biology

Eric Marland, Robin Davies, Chris Fall, Laurie Heyer, Timothy Lewis, Raina Robeva
July 11-17, 2004
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University
Greensboro, North Carolina

July 31-August 6, 2005
Harvey Mudd College
Claremont, CA

Offered in conjunction with the National Computational Science Institute workshop on Computational Biology for Biology Educators (

In the past few years, numerous national organizations and funding agencies, including the MAA, AAAS, NIH and NSF, have identified the need to increase the mathematical training of biology students and to increase the awareness of biological applications among mathematics students. This workshop will focus on the development of courses and materials that integrate mathematics and biology in ways that benefit students from both disciplines.

The expected audience is faculty in the mathematical sciences. This workshop will be run in collaboration with a National Computational Science Institute (NCSI) workshop for biology faculty and will feature crossover sessions, discussions, and plenary lectures.

Participants will:
• Learn about the recent developments in the fields of mathematical and computational biology;
• Discuss educational trends and strategies for implementing changes;
• Work through existing and develop new materials for use in the classroom;
• Learn about high powered software programs that ease the learning curve; and
• Learn about resources available to become more involved in mathematical and computational biology.

Upon completing the workshop, participants will develop a syllabus, curricular materials, or a project plan for an interdisciplinary activity using appropriate technologies such as a specialized software package, interactive simulation, or laboratory exercise.

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