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CUSAC Fall 2008 Newsletter

Fall 2008

Chapter News
The Newsletter for Advisors of Student Chapters of the MAA

2009 Joint Mathematics Meetings

In January 2009, faculty and students will meet in Washington, DC for the Joint Mathematics Meetings. This national meeting of the MAA and the American Mathematical Society (AMS) will bring together many opportunities for students to present their research, network with faculty and meet other students. Faculty will have opportunities to gather information about organizing activities for math clubs and MAA Student Chapters. See the articles below for more information.

Undergraduate Poster Session

MAA Lecture for Students:
Nathaniel Dean
MAA Diversity Initiative
Advice for Undergraduates Attending
the Joint Meetings
Guide to Writing an Abstract Math Club in a Box
Special Session, Call for Papers
JMM wiki

Math Fest 2008

Students congregated in Madison, WI July 31 - August 2, 2008, for MathFest 2008. A record number of students presented talks in the Undergraduate Student Paper Sessions. Students attended Laura Taalman's presentation "Sudoku: Questions, Variations, and Research" during the MAA Lecture for Students. Students had the choice of two Undergraduate Student Activities: Dr. Ezra (Bud) Brown's "What is the Color of my Hat?" and "Mathematics in Forensics" by Dan Russel. For information about these events, please see the articles below.

Undergraduate Student Paper Sessions
by Lyn Miller
Undergraduate Student Activity:
What is the Color of My Hat?
Dr. Ezra (Bud) Brown
by Daluss Siewert
Undergraduate Student Activity:
Mathematics in Forensics
Dan Russel
by Linda Braddy

MAA Lecture for Students:
Sudoku: Questions, Variations, and Research
Laura Taalman
by Kay Somers
Student Hospitality Area
by Richard Neal
Math Jeopardy
by Robert W. Vallin
Special Lecture by Timothy Pennings
by Kay Somers
MAA-PME Reception
by Jacqueline Jensen

US National Collegiate Mathematics Championship
by Richard Neal

Other Information

Student Paper Contest, Sponsored by HOM SIGMAA
How to Reach the MAA

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