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Cusps of Gauss Maps
Thomas Banchoff, Terrence Gaffney, and Clint McCrory
[Surface and its Gauss map]

When Gauss introduced his idea of the spherical image (now called the Gauss map) of a surface, he had to use his imagination and hand drawings to visualize these surfaces. Today, we can use computer graphics to help, and much more is possible now than even 10 years ago. This article revisits a paper originally published in 1982 that illustrates a number of geometric theorems concerning the Gauss map. Unlike its previous version, this one includes many color images and movie clips that demonstrate the transformations described in the text.

Keywords: Gauss map, cusp, normal vector, parametric surface
MR Review: 84a:580001
MR Classification: 58C27

Communications in Visual Mathematics, vol 1, no 1, July 1998.
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