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A Tight Polyhedral Real Projective Planewith One Handle
Davide P. Cervone
[Image of polyhedral model]

This article represents the hypertext style and approach that we hope to promote in this journal. It was written in 1994, before there was Netscape or Java or VRML or plug ins; yet is still represents a pioneering effort in this area and a valuable example of the kind of writing that is possible in this medium. The author has intentionally left the article unchanged from its original form, though the graphics and interactivity could be much improved using current technology.

Keywords: Tight surface, immersion, projective plane, polyhedra
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MR Classification: 57Q35, 52B70

Communications in Visual Mathematics, vol 1, no 1, July 1998.
Copyright © 1998, The Mathematical Association of America. All rights reserved.
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