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Software and Source Codes

The algorithms used to draw the figures in this web document were programmed in the TrueBASIC® language. The coding closely follows the IFS approach discussed here. The figures were saved to the clipboard with a screen save (the print screen key) and then pasted into an animated gif-format figure with the freeware Microsoft GIF Animator. Paint Shop Pro was often used to crop images or adjust colors. The generality of our method of varying IFS's shows up in these programs - there is very little difference among them - primarily the different definition of the functions.

Below is a guide to TrueBASIC source codes for programs used to produce the figures and animation frames in this electronic document. The codes may have been varied slightly from those used in producing the figures. The files referred to have .tru extensions. They can be loaded directly into TrueBASIC for those who have properly attached it, or be viewed or saved and viewed.

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Communications in Visual Mathematics, vol 1, no 1, August 1998.
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