The Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications, Volume 7 (2007)
GeoGebra, Markus Hohenwarter and Judith Preiner

What is GeoGebra?

GeoGebra is a Dynamic Mathematics Software (DMS) for teaching and learning mathematics from middle school through college level. It is as easy to use as Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS) but also provides basic features of Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) to bridge some gaps between geometry, algebra and calculus. GeoGebra is open source software under the GNU General Public License and freely available at There, you can either download installers for multiple platforms or launch the software directly from the Internet using GeoGebra Web Start.

Technology is essential in teaching and learning mathematics; it influences the mathematics that is taught and enhances student's learning. (NCTM, 2000)

GeoGebra was created to help students gain a better understanding of mathematics. You can use it for active and problem-oriented teaching, it fosters mathematical experiments and discoveries both in classroom and at home.