The Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications

Volume 7. March 2007. Article ID 1448

Dynamic Mathematics with GeoGebra

Markus Hohenwarter and Judith Preiner


In this article we introduce the free educational mathematics software GeoGebra. This open source tool extends concepts of dynamic geometry to the fields of algebra and calculus. You can use GeoGebra both as a teaching tool and to create interactive web pages for students from middle school up to college level. Specifically designed for educational purposes, GeoGebra can help you to foster experimental, problem-oriented and discovery learning of mathematics. We will illustrate the basic ideas of the software and some of its versatile possibilities by discussing several interactive examples.

Editor's note, May 2014: Recent changes in Java have caused the applets in this article to cease working properly; you may be able to re-enable the applets by setting the security level in Java as low as possible. Links to HTML5 versions of the applets have been added below each applet.