The Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications, Volume 7 (2007)
Creating Mathlets with Open Source Tools, Markus Hohenwarter and Judith Preinder

Creating Dynamic Worksheets with GeoGebra

A GeoGebra mathlet or dynamic worksheet is an interactive web page (html file) that consists of a dynamic figure (interactive applet) with corresponding explanations, questions and tasks for students. The dynamic figure is constructed in GeoGebra and can easily be exported to an html file. Students can use this dynamic worksheet both on local computers or via the Internet to work on the given tasks by modifying the dynamic figure. In this way you can foster mathematical experiments as well as guided discovery learning for students from secondary schools up to college level.

Example: The worksheet Shape of a Slope Function allows students to find the shape of the slope function of a quadratic polynomial by interactively modifying a dynamic figure. It is part of a series of three dynamic worksheets that guides students towards discovering the slope function of a quadratic polynomial.