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American Junior High School Mathematics Exam (AMC->8) Info Page

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Began: 1985 (as the American Junior High School Mathematics Examination)
Number of Questions: 25
Time Allowed: 40 minutes
Type of Exam: Multiple choice
Date Offered: A Tuesday in late November
Scored: Centrally, at the office of the AMC, Lincoln, Nebraska
Grading: One point is given for each correct answer and no penalty
for incorrect answers.
Maximum Score: 25 points
Purpose: To increase interest in mathematics and to develop problem
solving ability through a friendly competition.  The questions range in
difficulty from easy to very difficult in order to appeal to a broad range of
Material Covered: Subject matter normally associated with the
seventh and eighth grade mathematics curriculum including (but
not limited to) such topics as the arithmetic of integers, fractions
and decimals, percent and proportion, number theory, informal
geometry, perimeter, area, volume, probability and statistics,
and logical reasoning.
Registration:Invitation Brochures are mailed in early September to all
public and private schools with seventh and eighth grades.  Follow-up mailings
are sent by the AMC->8 State Directors.
Cost of Participation: Early Registration Fee (before October 15): $15 per school.
Examinations: $8 per bundle of 10.  Minimum of one bundle required.
Eligibility: Any student that is officially enrolled in Junior High School 
grade 8, or below, and is taking at least one course; and Home School students
(14 or under).
If you have questions regarding the AMC->8 please contact your AMC->8 State Director 
or the American Mathematics Competitions Director.


The AMC->8 is a 25 question, 40 minute multiple choice examination in junior high school (middle school) mathematics designed to promote the further development and enhancement of problem solving skills. The examination provides an opportunity to apply the concepts taught at the junior high levels to problems which not only range from easy to difficult but also cover a wide range of applications. Many problems are designed to challenge students and to provide problem solving experiences beyond those provided in most junior high school mathematics classes. Calculators are allowed. High scoring students are invited to participate in the AHSME.

A special purpose of the AMC->8 is to demonstrate the broad range of topics available for the junior high school mathematics curriculum. This is done by competencies. The AMC->8 has the potential to increase the perceptions of the importance of problem solving activities in the mathematics curriculum by stimulating these activities both preceding and following the examination --specifically by studying the solutions manual.

Additional purposes of the AMC->8 are to promote excitement, enthusiasm and positive attitudes towards mathematics and to stimulate interest in continuing the study of mathematics beyond the minimum required for high school graduation. Developmentally, junior high school students are at a point where attitudes toward school and learning, and perceptions of themselves as learners of mathematics are solidified. It is important that they be provided opportunities that foster the development of positive attitudes towards mathematics and positive perceptions of themselves as learners of mathematics. The AMC->8 provides one such opportunity.

We encourage all students in grades 7 and 8 to participate in the AMC->8. All USA, USA embassy, Canadian and foreign school students in grade 8 or below are eligible to participate.

AMC->8 Intramural Awards

  • A Certificate of Distinction is given to all students who receive a perfect score.
  • An AMC->8 Winner Pin is given to the student(s) in each school with the highest score.
  • The top three students for each school section will receive respectively a gold, silver, or bronze Certificate for Outstanding Achievement.
  • An AMC->8 Honor Roll Certificate is given to all high scoring students.
  • An AMC->8 Merit Certificate is given to high scoring students who are in 6th grade or below.

  • Sample 1998 Questions

    1998 AMC->8 Answers

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