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High School Award Selection Rules

  1. The Director of the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) writes to the 3 students on each of the 60 teams with the highest official team scores on the AMC 12 as soon as the AMC 12 scores have been assembled. In this letter the Director asks for a recommendation of the teacher who, in the student’s opinion was most responsible for his or her success on the AMC 12.
  2. These 60 highest scoring teams are restricted to high schools in the USA, Canada, APO schools, FPO schools, and US Embassy schools with the proviso that in the case of US Embassy schools, the team of the top three students must be United States or Canadian students.
  3. The letter to the students is written in such a way that nomination of only one teacher is expected. To this end, students are encouraged to discuss their nomination among each other. They also are asked to write a paragraph about why they made the particular choice they did. If, in spite of these attempts to have only one teacher nominated at each school, two are felt to be equally deserving, the award is split among the two.
  4. After a teacher has won an Edyth May Sliffe Award, that teacher is not eligible to receive such an award again for a period of three years (that is, he or she becomes eligible again in the fourth year) with the following exception:
    If a team scores in a higher quartile among the top 20 schools than it did the previous time its teacher received an award, the teacher is again eligible for the award. In case of ties among teams, the ranks of the tied teams are all to be considered as the median of the ranks of the tied teams.
  5. Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous two paragraphs, no teacher can receive an Edyth May Sliffe Award more than twice.
  6. On the basis of the information received from the students, the Director of the AMC nominates to the Edyth May Sliffe Awards Committee 20 school teachers for the Awards. The teachers will be ranked according to their schools team scores. If there is a tie for the 20th position, the student letters will be used to break the tie. The Director also nominates to the Committee all private school teachers whose team scores are greater than or equal to the score to the 20th ranked public school team. If there is a tie for the 20th position in the public high schools, the student letters will be used to decide if the private school(s) with that team score will receive an award.
  7. The Edyth May Sliffe Award Committee selects the recipients of the awards, and its decision is final.
  8. Prior to the announcements of the awards, a check is made to verify that each of the nominated teachers actually exists (to prevent student pranks).

Awards and Recognition

  1. The cash awards to the teachers are the following:

    1st $750
    2nd $650
    3rd $550
    4th $500
    5th $450
    Next 5 $400 each
    Next 10 $350 each
  2. The award-winning teacher receives a letter of congratulations from the president of the MAA. Included in the letter should be the check.
  3. These teachers are given an appropriate certificate signed by the President and Secretary of the MAA, the Chair of the Committee on the AMC 12, and the Director of the AMC, which is to be presented in a vinyl cover.
  4. These teachers are given a pin with a design including the logo of the MAA.
  5. These teachers are given a one-year free Institutional membership in the MAA.
  6. Twenty subscriptions to Math Horizons for distribution to their students.
  7. They also receive a years membership in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).
  8. The president of the MAA sends a letter to the school principals of the award-winning teachers, with a copy to the superintendents and the president of the local school board. This letter indicates the significance of the award and suggests that the award be presented at an impressive ceremony arranged by the school board for early in the fall. This letter is accompanied by a News Release to be sent to the local news media, with a request that a photograph of the award winning teach