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Middle School Selection Rules

  1. Five awards are given in each of the ten regions associated with the AMC 12. Because the number of Canadian schools are smaller in the AMC 8, a decision was made in 2000 to allow a Canadian school to win an award, if the school's score on the contest is at or above the median for the United States schools receiving the award.
  2. The ranking of a school for the purposes of the Award, is made on the basis of the sum of the three top student scores at the school over that last three years.
  3. A list shall be prepared of those schools who ranked within the top 1/10 of the schools within the region.
  4. For all those appearing on the lists specified in Item 3, for each of the past three years, the sum of the rankings of the schools for each of the last three years shall be calculated for each region. For example, for awards given after the November 2010 AMC 8, the ranking's of the schools in November 2008, 2009, and 2010 shall be calculated for each region.
  5. Only teachers of grade 8 or below are eligible for this Award. For eligibility of other candidates please contact the AMC. Sliffe Coordinator.
  6. No one is eligible to receive an AMC 8 Sliffe Award more than once.
  7. The person receiving the award for each school will be the teacher nominated on the "Teacher Nomination Form" found in the AMC 8 Teachers Manual.

Awards and Recognition

  1. For each of the "winning" teachers/schools on behalf of the award-winning teacher: 1-year membership in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).
  2. For the teachers identified as the schools "Nominated Teacher" as being instrumental to the success of the students on the exam:
    • A year's membership in the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and a year's subscription to Math Horizons, an MAA publication.
    • A $100 check and an Edyth May Sliffe Award For Distinguished Junior High/Middle School Mathematics Teaching Certificate and a Sliffe Award Pin.
    • An invitation to attend the annual Edyth May Sliffe Reception held for those present at the annual NCTM meeting.
    • The publication of their names in the NCTM News Bulletin and MAA Focus

Schedule for Implementation of these Procedures

  • Late December-Early January: A list will be generated to show the schools eligible for the award.
  • Late December-Early January: The "Teacher Nomination Forms" will be gathered for the schools eligible and the decisions will be made relevant to the top five schools in each region who have nominated a teacher or have a qualified coordinator.
  • Mid-January: An email (or letter, if there is no known email) will be sent to the top five teachers in each region, requesting all relevant information.
  • Early February: A list will be compiled of the information received by the Sliffe Coordinator, and forwarded on to the Sliffe Committee chair for approval.
  • Mid-February: The Sliffe Coordinator at AMC will forward the approved list to the MAA, NCTM, etc., to arrange for the award materials to be produced. As the AMC receives them, they will be added to the awards package.
  • Mid-March to Early May: When the package is complete, it will be forwarded to the teachers, with a smaller information packet sent to their principals. This may be as early as mid-March, but also as late as September.