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Math Jeopardy

Math Jeopardy

by Lyn Miller
Slippery Rock University

Math Jeopardy participantsAlways a fun event at MathFest, Math Jeopardy was once again a hit with the full house in attendance on Wednesday, August 5. Host Michael Berry of the University of Tennessee introduced the eager competing teams from:

  • Clarkson University: Jason Holloway, Tova Lindberg, and Dillon Ethier
  • Grand Valley State University REU: Derek Olson, Robert Castellano, Kyle Golenbiewski, Timothy Ferdinands
  • Western Oregon University: Crystal Temple, Lauren Wright, Matt Schmidt, Tory Widowski (honorary Oregonian for the night)
  • Winona State University: Alex McCullough, Kevin Greimel, Cory Lowe, Bryan McCauley
  • Clarkson got off to an early lead, dominating the ?Number Games? category, but the Grand Valley REU team took control of the board by correctly ?questioning? an answer that eluded the other three teams and then capitalized on their position to take the lead via ?Yes, We Can Do Calculus.? Clarkson landed the Daily Double, however, and regained the lead to appreciative applause by the audience. ?Good ODE Names? went quickly, with all teams contributing, and much audience groaning at the punnish turns to the ?answers.? The game ultimately twisted back and forth between ?Have Discretion? and ?Fear Co-Factor? as negative signs turned into bugaboos for some competitors and audience members alike. Although Winona State and home favorites Western Oregon fought valiantly, a last-minute surge by Grand Valley REU gave them a slim lead over Clarkson going into the Final Jeopardy round. Its probability setting proved a bit too intricate for perfection from any of the teams, but in a 1-point strategic wagering decision, Grand Valley REU swept to victory.

    Congratulations to all the players for providing such excitement and fun!

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