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2014 MAA Annual T-Shirt Design Contest

Calling all MAA members seeking more MAA t-shirt contest fun!

Channel your inner creative mathematician and submit your idea for a T-shirt that will debut at MAA MathFest 2014, August 6 - 9 in Portland, Oregon!

Download the 2014 MAA T-shirt Contest Official Entry Form and Rules.

Designs submitted by Midnight PDT, Wednesday, April 30 will be judged by a small committee of mathematicians and MAA Staff.

All submitted designed must be:

  1. submitted by an MAA Member.

  2. an original one-sided design.

  3. mathematical in nature.

  4. printable in four colors or fewer.

  5. easy to reproduce on a colored T-shirt.

  6. a PDF or JPEG.

The winner will receive two of the designed T-shirts; bragging rights for a year; and recognition at MAA MathFest 2014, on the MAA website, and in MAA FOCUS!

Submit your brilliant ideas today

Are you a professor or teacher of mathematics? Engage your students with this fun exercise and endorse their creativity for a chance to win. Download the 2014 MAA T-shirt Contest Official Entry Form and Rules.

2013 MAA T-Shirt Contest Winner

Jackie Nygaard of Brigham Young University-Idaho ::Coming Soon to the MAA Store::

Past Winners

2012 - Trey Polk from Southern Nazarene University

2011 - Edward Early from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2010 - John Martin from Santa Rosa Junior College

Official Rules and Design Guidelines
  • All designs must be submitted by an MAA member.

  • Your design must be wholly original. By submitting a design you are guaranteeing that you hold rights to everything in it, and that it does not contain any copyrighted material.

  • Your design must be mathematical in nature.

  • Your design may contain a maximum of four (4) colors.

  • Your design does not have to include the words MAA or Mathematical Association of America.

  • Reproductions of existing mathematical T-shirts or concepts are not allowed, as it might infringe on the original artist copyright.

  • You may submit as many designs as you like, but each must be submitted as separate entries.   

Design Specifications
  • Designs shall not exceed 8 ½” x 11” in dimension.

  • It is best, but not required, to create your design in a professional design program. If using Photoshop or other paint programs, the design must be no less than 600 dpi at 8 ½” x 11” in dimension. If using Illustrator or Corel Draw, no dpi is required.

  • If your design is hand-drawn it must be scanned and converted into a PDF or JPEG file.

  • Your design should contain a maximum of four (4) colors.

  • Design is limited to one side of the shirt.

  • Your submission should be a PDF or JPEG file no larger than 5MB. High resolution files will be requested from the top entries.

Submission Agreement
  • Submissions may be sent as an attachment to or on CD to Mathematical Association of America, Attn: MAA T-shirt Contest, 1529 Eighteenth Street NW Washington, D.C. 20036.

  • All submissions must be accompanied by the official MAA T-shirt Contest Entry Form. Submissions that do not include the form will be disqualified.

  • Electronic submissions should include the completed form as an attachment. If you are unable to complete the form electronically please fax it to 202.387.2005.

  • You must be 18 years old or older to submit an entry. 

  • Any submitted design becomes the property of MAA, giving MAA the right to sell it in the MAA store and at national meetings, events, and expos.

  • We reserve the right to make adjustments to the winning design.

  • You must submit your design by Midnight PDT April, 30, 2014.

  • Entries will be judged by MAA staff and a small committee of mathematicians.

  • By submitting an entry you are agreeing to all contest rules.