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NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions Goes Live

May 13, 2010  

After a decade of work, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has released its Digital Library of Mathematical Functions (DLMF) and its printed rendition, the NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions. 

Containing more than 8,000 equations and 500 figures, the DLMF has about twice the amount of technical material of its 1964 predecessor. 

"This is a much more complete package for the user," Editor Dan Lozier said. "We anticipate the DLMF to be a useful resource for everyone who has benefited from the 1964 publication, and expect that it will find new audiences among biologists, data security specialists, and every other branch of science that employs computer-based models." 

The new work includes information about special functions that have become essential in applied mathematics, the physical sciences, and engineering. It has also been subjected to a rigorous editorial process, complete with independent validation of all technical material—and it's a free Web-based resource.

For background information, see Math in the News "NIST Seeks Feedback on 'Digital Library of Mathematical Functions' Preview" (June 27, 2008)

Click here for updated details and a video.

Source: NIST (May 11, 2010)

Image of page 97 of the Handbook of Mathematical Functions via Wikipedia


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Thursday, May 13, 2010