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Scanning the Brain for Impending Error

Federico Cirett, a computer science doctoral student at the University of Arizona, is studying brain wave activity to predict when students will make mistakes.

Cirett observed university students who spoke English as a second language while they took the math portion of the SAT. The students wore headsets developed to monitor high-stress and fatigue in military personnel.

“Measuring the activity, Cirett was able to detect with 80 percent accuracy whether a student would answer a question incorrectly about 20 seconds after they began the question,” wrote La Monica Everett-Haynes for UA News.

"If we can detect when they are going to fail, maybe we can change the text or switch the question to give them another one at a different level of difficulty, but also to keep them engaged," Cirett said. "Brain wave data is the nearest thing we have to really know when the students are having problems."

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Monday, April 30, 2012