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Statistician Susan Murphy Among 2013 MacArthur Fellows

University of Michigan statistician Susan Murphy is among the 24 recipients of the MacArthur Foundation's 2013 "genius grants."

Murphy, who delivered a public lecture at the MAA Carriage House in May, develops "new methodologies to evaluate courses of treatment for individuals coping with chronic or relapsing disorders such as depression or substance abuse" (according to the MacArthur Foundation's website).

Though Murphy was standing up when she took the call from the MacArthur Foundation, she sat down on the floor when she learned she was among this year's fellows. Murphy recalls:

The first thing I thought was, this can help us form the collaborative relationships we need with clinicians and computer scientists so that we can really develop these just-in-time adaptive interventions.

Visit Murphy's MacArthur Fellow profile.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013