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Trying to Trademark Pi

Wired reports that an attorney representing a Brooklyn artist has used a cease-and-desist letter to temporarily halt production by custom T-shirt printing site Zazzle of clothing items bearing the Greek letter pi.

Paul Ingisano of Pi Productions Corp holds the trademark on the symbol π.—pi followed by a period—and uses the design on T-shirts sold at brick-and-mortar stores.

“It has been brought to our client’s attention that your business, Zazzle Com/AKA Zazzle Inc., has been using the mathematical symbol ‘pi,’ referred to herein as the ‘PI trademark,’ in association with the marketing or sale of your products or of products offered through your services,” read the cease-and-desist letter filed on Ingisano's behalf. “We have evidence of your unlawful products to preserve as evidence. Accordingly, you are hereby directed to CEASE AND DESIST ALL COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.”

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Start Date: 
Tuesday, June 17, 2014