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"What kind of math?" Photo Challenge

Want to disprove stereotypes about what kind of people study which branches of mathematics? Add subfield word bubbles to a photo of you and your mathematician friends and submit it to University of Chicago grad student Kathryn Mann for posting.

In response to an AMS flyer that depicted male students choosing pure math while female students opted for math education, actuarial science, and applied math, geometric group theorist Tullia Dymarz launched what The Aperiodical has dubbed a "hemi-demi-semi-meme": She took a photograph of female mathematicians and added a speech bubble over each woman's head containing her field of study. These included "median spaces" and "Teichmüller Theory."

Now Chicago's Kathryn Mann is collecting similar shots on her webpage and encourages submissions.

Start Date: 
Thursday, February 27, 2014