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Whither High School Mathematics Education?

A group of senior mathematicians, teachers, statisticians, and curriculum developers have formulated a list of recommendations for progressive action to improve high school mathematics education in the United States.

Recommendations include staying the course rather than seeking a quick fix, adopting a comprehensive and integrated curriculum, prioritizing the development of mathematical habits of mind, incorporating applications of mathematics into classroom activities, and engaging in non-hysterical conversation about relevant issues. The group writes:

We need to change the tenor of public discourse about mathematics education. If we are to reach the shared goal of preparing young people for productive and satisfying lives, we need to work together to develop progressive goals for school mathematics and high quality instructional resources. Most important of all, we need to dial down the acrimonious policy arguments and relentless criticism of schools and teachers. Teaching is one of the most important and demanding tasks for adults in our society, and teachers deserve our encouragement and support as they work to provide the best possible life preparation for their students.

Read the full list of recommendations.

Start Date: 
Monday, December 30, 2013