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MAA Math Alert - March 2009

News and Views

Dan Kalman Explores Polynomia and Related Realms
Polynomials are among the simplest of algebraic objects, yet they are also among the most useful. And they have many remarkable properties, as Dan Kalman of American University revealed in his recent lecture on "Provincial Polynomia: Uncommon Excursions for the Seasoned Visitor" at the MAA Carriage House Conference Center. Read More

Math Research Takes Top Spot at Intel Science Talent Search 2009
The grand prize winner of this year's Intel Science Talent Search was math wizard Eric K. Larson, 17, of Eugene, Ore. His mathematics project, "The Classification of Certain Fusion Categories," garnered $100,000. Read More

MathFest 2009 Call for Paper Now Open
Go to the MathFest website to submit your abstract for a Contributed Paper Session or a Student Paper Session

Annual Survey: First Report on the State of the Mathematical Sciences 2008
This report gives a broad picture of 2007-2008 new doctoral recipients and faculty salaries in mathematics. Read More

MAA Reviews
This large, regularly updated collection of reviews highlights books of interest to mathematicians. Read More

MAA's Most Popular Books of 2009
Check out the list of the MAA's ten bestselling books for 2009 through March 11. These books and more are all available at the MAA Bookstore. Read More

Featured Articles

Devlin's Angle: What is Experimental Mathematics?
Keith Devlin discusses what makes modern experimental mathematics different from the classical conception and practice of mathematics. Read More

Card Colm: Esteem Synergism
Jim Steinmeyer is the inventor of two of the best self-working card tricks of recent times. Colm Mulcahy surveys these tricks in his own words, and suggests some variations and presentation options. Read More

New From the MAA

New SIGMAA on Math Circles for Students and Teachers Established
A new “SIGMAA on Circles” had their first official meeting at the 2009 Joint Mathematics Meetings. The goal of this SIGMAA is to give math circles – both student math circles and math teacher circles – greater visibility and a permanent presence in the mathematical and educational landscape. To sign up you can download the SIGMAA form or call the Membership Service Center at 1-800-331-1622.

I Want to Be a Mathematician: A Conversation with Paul Halmos (DVD)

Who Gave You the Epsilon? Marlow Anderson, Victor Katz, & Robin Wilson, Editors

Calculus Deconstructed by Zbigniew H. Nitecki

When Less is More by Claudi Alsina and Roger Nelson

Mark Your Calendars for MathFest 2009, August 6-8
Bring your Family, Enjoy the City
MAA has contracted with Creative Childcare Solutions to provide affordable childcare services (approximately $10 per family per hour) before, during, and after the MathFest 2009 meeting in Portland, Oregon. Please visit the Munchkin Care website to get more information, or contact Michelle directly at 503-518-2274.

Teaching Undergraduates Mathematics Conference, May 11-13, 2009
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, CA.
The audience for the workshop includes mathematicians, classroom teachers and education researchers who are concerned with improving the teaching and learning of mathematics in our undergraduate classrooms. The workshop will showcase courses, programs and materials whose goal is to increase students' knowledge of mathematics, with an emphasis on those that show promise of being broadly replicable. Click here for registration and more details.

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March, 2009