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MAA Math Alert - September 2009

News and Views

MAA Congressional Briefing Stressed Diversity in Mathematics
Check out some of the highlights here.

Hard Problems Moves to Television
Check our list of updated showtimes here.

Call for Proposals
All MAA members are invited to consider submitting proposals for contributed paper sessions, minicourses, and panels at the two annual meetings of the MAA. More information is available here.

CBMS Forum on the Content and Assessment of School Mathematics, October 4-6, 2009
Learn more here.

When will I use math?
Math Students at BYU created a website to answer this question..

Featured Articles

Devlin's Angle - Reaching Out - With Style
Keith Devlin thinks the people at the NAVET Science Center in Sweden have found a way to make sure fewer children are turned off math and more are attracted to it. Read More

Card Colm - The Bligreath Principle
This month's column takes a look at legendary "binary magic" creator Leo Boudreau's shufflingprinciple. Read More

New From the MAA

2009 Award-Winning Papers Now Available in MathDL
The 2009 MAA award-winning papers are now posted in theMAA Writing Awardssection of MathDL. Check out these outstanding articles and read brief biographical sketches of the award recipients. Read More

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September, 2009