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  • 2-10-1576

    Xylander, translator of Euclid and Diophantus, died in Heidelburg, Germany. The Greek name Xylander was the pseudonym of Wilhelm Holzmann.

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    Euclid of Alexandria
    Diophantus of Alexandria
    Wilhelm Holzmann or Xylander (in German)
  • 2-10-1677

    John Collins wrote, "The truth of it is, mathematical learning will not go off without a dowry; the booksellers have lost so much by the works of Drs. Wallis and ... Barrow ... that it is no easy task to persuade booksellers to undertake any thing but toys that are mathematical" (The Correspondence of Isaac Newton).

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    John Wallis
    Isaac Barrow
    John Collins
    Isaac Newton
  • 2-10-1747

    Aida Yasuaki born. In 1788 this Japanese mathematician published a collection of geometry problems in a new and simplified symbolic notation.

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    Aida Yasuaki
  • 2-10-1891

    Sofia Kovalevskaya died in Stockholm, Sweden. Born in Moscow, Russia, she studied with Weierstrass in Berlin and is best known for her contributions to the field of differential equations.

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    Sofia Kovalevskaya