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  • 7-23-1754

    Lagrange published first work. At 18, Joseph Louis Lagrange published his first work in the form of a letter in Italian. (He was Italian-born of French ancestry). A month later he realized that he had rediscovered Leibniz's formula for the nth derivative of a product.

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    Joseph-Louis Lagrange
    Gottfried Leibniz
  • 7-23-1775

    Etienne Louis Malus born in Paris. A student of Fourier, he helped rewrite the theory of light in the language of mathematics.

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    Etienne Louis Malus
  • 7-23-1932

    Derek Thomas Whiteside born in Blackpool, England. The mathematics historian is best known for editing the monumental 8-volume Mathematical Papers of Isaac Newton.

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    Derek Thomas Whiteside