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On This Day

  • 12-23-1690

    Flamsteed observed Uranus, but did not recognize it as an undiscovered planet.

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    John Flamsteed
  • 12-23-1751

    Jacobi called this the birthday of elliptic functions because on this day a work by the Italian mathematician Fagnano, which had been sent to the Berlin Academy, was handed to Euler for review. The study of this work led Euler to his important investigations of elliptic integrals and to the discovery of the addition theorem.

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    Carl Jacobi
    Giulio Fagnano
    Leonhard Euler
  • 12-23-1763

    Price read Bayes's "Essay towards solving a problem in the doctrine of chances" to the Royal Society.

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    Richard Price
    Thomas Bayes and his "Essay"