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  • 7-22-1694

    Johann Bernoulli sent "L'Hospital's rule" to L'Hospital under the terms of their agreement of 17 March 1694.

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    Guillaume de L'Hospital
    Johann Bernoulli
  • 7-22-1784

    Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel born in Westphalia, Germany. He is noted today for Bessel functions, a special class of functions that have become an indispensable tool in applied mathematics. This, like all of his mathematical work, was motivated by his work in astronomy.

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    Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel
    Bessel Functions
  • 7-22-1925

    Wiener letter to Franklin. After Norbert Wiener suggested to his friend Phillip Franklin in a letter that they hang a sign outside their office at MIT reading "Wiener and Franklin. Wholesale and Retail Mathematicians and Exporters," he wrote: "As to the state of the market: differential geometry seems rather quiet, and some of the principal operators have deserted it for other securities. Real and complex variables continue firm, without much change. Analysis situs has a bull market. Bull operators have been very active in differential equations, also. Quantum theory continues speculative, with chances of a very sharp rise, but the market contains a lot of wildcat stock. Hilbert, Brouwer, and Co. are doing well with mathematical logic."

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    Norbert Wiener
    Phillip Franklin