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  • 3-5-1625

    John Collins born near Oxford, England. Isaac Barrow dubbed him "Mersennus Anglus" (the English Mersenne) because he was such an efficient correspondent of mathematical news.

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    John Collins
    Isaac Barrow
  • 3-5-1639

    De Beaune to Mersenne: "I do not think that one could acquire any solid knowledge of nature in physics without geometry, and the best of geometry consists of analysis, of such kind that without the latter it is quite imperfect."

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    Florimond de Beaune
    Marin Mersenne
  • 3-5-1876

    Sylvester, at age 61, appointed professor of mathematics at Johns Hopkins University. This was the real beginning of graduate mathematics education in the United States.

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    James Joseph Sylvester