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  • 2-7-1877

    G. H. Hardy born in Surrey, England. Primarily an analytic number theorist, he may be best known for his collaborations with J. E. Littlewood and S. Ramanujan.

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    G. H. Hardy
    J. E. Littlewood
    Srinivasa Ramanujan
  • 2-7-1883

    Eric Temple Bell born in Scotland. Although he was a well known mathematician in his day, he is best remembered for his popular book, Men of Mathematics.

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    Eric Temple Bell
  • 2-7-1885

    David Hilbert earned the Ph.D. in his hometown University of Konigsberg. He taught at the University of Konigsberg for nearly 10 years before moving to the University of Gottingen, where he would spend the rest of his illustrious career.

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    David Hilbert