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  • 3-27-1857

    Karl Pearson, founder of the field of statistics, was born in London, England. He had taught applied mathematics for a number of years before he befriended Francis Galton and Raphael Weldon and "became interested in developing mathematical methods for studying the processes of heredity and evolution" (MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive), writing 18 papers from 1893 to 1912 that established much of what we now call elementary statistics.

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    Karl Pearson
    Francis Galton
    Raphael Weldon
  • 3-27-1905

    Mathematical logician and theoretical computer scientist Lazlo Kalmar born in Edde, Hungary.

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    Lazlo Kalmar
  • 3-27-1972

    M. C. Escher, famous artist whose very mathematical etchings were inspired by a trip to the Alhambra in Spain, died in the Netherlands.

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    Maurits Escher