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  • 5-3-1849

    Arthur Cayley called to the Bar. He abandoned his fellowship at Cambridge and took up law as he didn't want to take Holy Orders. During his 14 years at the bar he wrote nearly 300 mathematical papers.

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    Arthur Cayley
  • 5-3-1860

    Vito Volterra, a functional analyst whom students may first meet when studying predator-prey equations, was born in Ancona, Italy, on this day.

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    Vito Volterra
  • 5-3-1934

    Henri-Leon Lebesgue elected a foreign member of the Royal Society. From 1899 until 1903 he taught at the Lycee at Nancy, France, where he wrote his famous doctoral thesis "Integrale, longueur, aire," which proposed a now standard extension of the Riemann integral.

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    Henri Leon Lebesgue