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  • 10-22-1746

    Princeton University chartered as the "College of New Jersey." It moved to Princeton in 1756 and changed its name to Princeton University in 1896.

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    Princeton University
  • 10-22-1850

    Weber-Fechner law introduced. Describing the relationship between physical stimuli and human perception as logarithmic, it was one of the first mathematical models in the field of human cognition. Weber and Fechner were early German experimental psychologists.

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    Weber-Fechner Law
    Ernst Weber
    Gustav Fechner
  • 10-22-1916

    Number theorist Nathan Fine born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is responsible for the couplet, "Chebychev said it, and I'll say it again. / There's always a prime between N and 2N," which he composed for Paul Erdos, according to the source below.

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    Nathan Fine