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  • 3-26-1609

    John Dee died in London, England. A practitioner of astrology, astronomy, and mathematics, he wrote a lengthy preface to Henry Billingsley's 1570 translation of Euclid's Elements into English.

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    John Dee
    The Billingsley Euclid
  • 3-26-1619

    Descartes reported (to Isaac Beeckman) his first glimpse of "an entirely new science," which was to become his analytic geometry and which he would publish in 1637.

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    Rene Descartes
    Analytic Geometry
  • 3-26-1773

    Nathaniel Bowditch born in Salem, Massachusetts. He acquired his knowledge of mathematics through self-study while apprenticed to a ship's chandler, and is most noted for his translation of Laplace's Mecanique celeste from French to English.

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    Nathaniel Bowditch
    Celestial Mechanics