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  • 2-12-1824

    Goethe praised Lagrange in a conversation with Eckermann: "He was a good man and great for just that reason. For when a good man is gifted with talent, he will always exert a morally positive influence as an artist, a scientist, a poet, or whatever else it may be."

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    Joseph Louis Lagrange
  • 2-12-1826

    Lobachevsky delivered a paper before the mathematics and physics departments of Kazan University on his "imaginary geometry."

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    Nikolai Lobachevsky
    Lobachevsky Geometry
  • 2-12-1914

    Group theorist Hanna Neumann born in Berlin, Germany. She would spend most of her career in Britain and Australia.

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    Hannah Neumann
  • 2-12-1916

    Dedekind died in Braunschweig, Germany. He is best known for his Dedekind cuts to define real numbers and for his results in algebra and number theory.

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    Richard Dedekind