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  • 12-21-1754

    Louis-Bertrand Castel, vociferous opponent of Newtonian science, gave a demonstration of his ocular harpsicord, which corresponded colors with the musical tones.

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    Louis Bertrand Castel
    The Color Organ (includes a description of Castel's invention)
  • 12-21-1878

    Jan Lukasiewicz, logician and inventor of "Polish notation," born in Lvov, Ukraine.

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    Jan Lukasiewicz
  • 12-21-1946

    The Detroit News reported the Purdue University Engineer's yell, "E to the X, DY, DX / E to the X, DX / Cosine, Secant, Tangent, Sine / Three Point One Four One Five Nine / Square Root, Cube Root, BTU / Slipstick, Slide Rule, Yea Purdue."

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    History of Purdue University
  • 12-21-1960

    Eric Temple Bell died in Watsonville, California, USA. Although he was a well known mathematician in his day, he is best remembered for his popular book, Men of Mathematics.

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    Eric Temple Bell