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  • 8-27-1760

    Leonhard Euler, in his "Letters to a German Princess on various topics of physics and philosophy," explained how a surveyor uses a level. As an example he asked which end of the straight line between their homes is higher. He discussed the flow of the rivers that connect their homes, but gave the wrong answer to his question!

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    Leonhard Euler
  • 8-27-1858

    Giuseppe Peano, founder of symbolic logic, born in Piemonte, Italy.

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    Giuseppe Peano
    Peano on Wronskians
  • 8-27-1859

    Commercially productive oil first discovered at Titusville, Pennsylvania, USA. From a depth of 69.5 feet, the Drake Well produced 400 gallons per day. This was the first proof of oil in reservoirs beneath the Earth's surface.

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    The Drake Well