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  • 2-14-1468

    Johann Werner, discoverer of prosthaphaeresis early in the sixteenth century, was born in Nuremberg, Germany.

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    Johann Werner
  • 2-14-1814

    Laplace presented his "Essai philosophique des probabilites" to the Academie des Sciences in Paris.

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    Pierre-Simon Laplace
  • 2-14-1832

    Gauss to Gerling, "Let me add further that I have this day received from Hungary a little work on the non-Euclidean geometry, in which I find all my own ideas and results developed with greater elegance, although in a form so concise as to offer great difficulty to anyone not familiar with the subject. ... I regard this young geometer [Janos] Bolyai as a genius of the first order."

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    Janos Bolyai
    Carl Friedrich Gauss
  • 2-14-1943

    David Hilbert, whose famous 23 problems and whose foundational work set the course of mathematics for the 20th century, died in Gottingen, Germany.

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    David Hilbert