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  • 3-30-1559

    Adam Ries, who wrote popular and influential arithmetic books, dies in Annaberg, Saxony (now Germany).

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    Adam Ries
  • 3-30-1796

    The eighteen year old Gauss began his scientific diary with his construction of the regular 17-gon. The Greeks had ruler-and-compass constructions for the regular polygons with 3, 4, 5, and 15 sides, and for all others obtainable from these by doubling the number of sides. Gauss completely solved the problem by proving that: A regular n-gon is constructible if n is a product of a power of 2 and at most two distinct Fermat primes. This discovery led Gauss to devote his life to mathematics rather than philology.

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    Carl Friedrich Gauss
    Constructable Polygons and Gauss's 17-gon
  • 3-30-1892

    Stefan Banach was born in Krakow, in what is now Poland. His doctoral dissertation, published in Fundamenta mathematicae in 1922, contained the foundations of functional analysis.

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    Stefan Banach
    Functional Analysis
  • 3-30-1951

    UNIVAC I, the first commercial computer produced in the United States, was delivered to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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