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  • 12-22-1669

    "In a dark night, in bed, without pen, ink, or paper, or anything equivalent, I did by memory extract the square root of 3,00000,00000,00000,00000,00000,00000,00000,00000, which I found to be 1,73205,08075,68077,29353, ... and did the next day commit it to writing." - John Wallis

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    John Wallis
  • 12-22-1819

    Birthdate of Pierre-Ossian Bonnet whose favorite field was differential geometry, a field opened by Euler, Monge, and Gauss, but lacking systematic treatment when Bonnet took it up in the 1840s.

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    Pierre Ossian Bonnet
    Differential Geometry
  • 12-22-1869

    Dimitry Fedorovich Egorov, who worked mainly in function theory, born in Moscow, Russia.

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    Dimitry Fedorovich Egorov
  • 12-22-1887

    Srinivasa Ramanujan, who worked mainly in analytic number theory and infinite series, born to a poor Hindu Brahmin family in Erode, Tamil Nadu State, India.

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    Srinivasa Ramanujan