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  • 6-30-1660

    William Oughtred died in Surrey, England. The inventor of the slide rule (1621) and a staunch royalist, he died in a transport of joy on hearing the news of the restoration of Charles II. Augustus DeMorgan later remarked, "It should be added, by way of excuse, that he was eighty-six years old."

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    William Oughtred
    Augustus de Morgan
  • 6-30-1742

    Goldbach sent his conjecture to Euler. Christian Goldbach communicated to Leonhard Euler his "theorem" that every even integer is the sum of two primes. The "Goldbach conjecture" is still open. The letter was not published until 1843.

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    Christian Goldbach
    Leonhard Euler
    Goldbach Conjecture
  • 6-30-1946

    ENIAC formally accepted by the U.S. government. The Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer was the first general purpose electronic computer.

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