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  • 2-13-1678

    Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe gave his first account of what came to be known as the Tychonian planetary system.

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    Tycho Brahe
    The Tychonian System
  • 2-13-1805

    Dirichlet born in Duren, Germany. He was precociously interested in mathematics, even using his pocket money to buy mathematics books before the age of 12. The number theorist is most famous for proving that certain arithmetic progressions contain infinitely many primes.

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    Johann Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet
  • 2-13-1956

    Jan Lukasiewicz, logician and inventor of "Polish notation," died in Dublin, Ireland.

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    Jan Lukasiewicz
  • 2-13-1980

    Marian Rejewski, breaker of the German Enigma code during the 1930s, died in Warsaw, Poland.

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    Marian Adam Rejewski