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  • 12-20-1623

    Wilhelm Schickard described his calculating machine in a letter to Johannes Kepler.

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    Wilhelm Schickard
    Johannes Kepler
  • 12-20-1648

    Tommaso Ceva, mathematician, poet, and Jesuit, born in Milan, Italy. The cevian of a triangle (line segment from a vertex to the side opposite that vertex) is named after Tommaso's brother Giovanni Ceva.

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    Tommaso Ceva
    Giovanni Ceva
  • 12-20-1838

    Edwin Abbott, author of Flatland, born in Middlesex, England. First published in 1884, the book was subtitled A romance of many dimensions, and its author given as A Square.

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    Edwin Abbott
  • 12-20-1843

    Mathematics historian Paul Tannery born in Mantes-la-Jolie, France. Although he worked mainly on ancient Greek mathematics and science, he also edited the works of Diophantus, Fermat, and Descartes.

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    Paul Tannery