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  • 1-30-1619

    Michelangelo Ricci born in Rome. In 1666, he found the tangent lines to the parabolas of Fermat.

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    Michelangelo Ricci
  • 1-30-1755

    Nicolaus Fuss born in Basel, Switzerland. Secretary to Leonhard Euler during the last decade of Euler's life and a mathematician in his own right, Fuss lived in St. Petersburg, Russia until his own death in 1826.

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    Nicolaus Fuss
    Leonhard Euler
  • 1-30-1897

    Mary Frances Winston elected to membership in the American Mathematical Society. The previous year she received her PhD at Goettingen, making her the first American woman to receive a PhD in mathematics at a German university.

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    Mary Frances Winston Newson