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  • 9-1-1648

    Marin Mersenne died in Paris, France. A mathematician himself, he was even better known for his regular correspondence with the leading French mathematicians of his day.

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    Marin Mersenne
  • 9-1-1967

    Harvey Friedman was appointed Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University just three weeks before his nineteenth birthday (he was born Sept. 23, 1948). He is now (as of 2010) a distinguished logician at The Ohio State University.

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    Harvey Friedman
  • 9-1-1982

    Ludwig Bieberbach died in Oberbayern, Germany. Most famous for the Bieberbach Conjecture, stated in 1916 and proved by Louis de Branges in 1985, Bieberbach became a Nazi in 1933 when Hitler came to power. After years of helping dismiss former friends from their academic positions simply because they were Jewish, Bieberbach himself, in 1945, was dismissed from his own academic positions in Germany, but continued to write influential mathematics books.

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    Ludwig Bieberbach