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  • 8-26-1349

    Thomas Bradwardine died of the plague in London, England. The Archbishop of Canterbury, he was also a mathematical physicist who studied the concept of motion.

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    Thomas Bradwardine
  • 8-26-1572

    Peter Ramus murdered by hired assassins, during the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in Paris, France. He was an early opponent of the teachings of Aristotle.

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    Peter Ramus
  • 8-26-1728

    Johann Lambert born in Muelhausen, Alsace, now in France. He is most famous for proving the irrationality of the number pi in 1768.

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    Johann Heinrich Lambert
  • 8-26-1735

    Euler presented his solution to the Königsberg bridge problem, whether it was possible to find a route crossing each of the seven bridges of the city of Königsberg once and only once, in a lecture to his colleagues at the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg.

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    Leonhard Euler (1707-1783)
    Königsberg Bridge Problem

    Source: Combinatorics: Ancient and Modern, by Robin Wilson & John J. Watkins (Oxford, 2013)