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  • 2-8-1587

    Mary, Queen of Scots, was beheaded after Sir Francis Walsingham did a frequency count on Mary's cipher, read her message, and uncovered her plot to assassinate Elizabeth I, Queen of England.

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    Mary, Queen of Scots
    Francis Walsingham
  • 2-8-1700

    Daniel Bernoulli born in Groningen, Netherlands. Son of Johann Bernoulli and nephew of Jacob Bernoulli, he worked with Leonhard Euler in St. Petersburg on hydrodynamics and, indeed, throughout his career worked on physical applications of mathematics.

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    Daniel Bernoulli
  • 2-8-1875

    Birthdate of Thomas Bromwich. G. H. Hardy described him as the "best pure mathematician among the applied mathematicians at Cambridge, and the best applied mathematician among the pure mathematicians" (O'Connor and Robertson, MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive).

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    Thomas Bromwich
    G. H. Hardy
  • 2-8-1957

    John von Neumann died in Washington, D.C. He studied chemical engineering at university, but was one of the foremost mathematicians of the 20th century, making contributions in virtually every area of mathematics as well as in quantum mechanics and computer science.

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    John von Neumann