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  • 10-7-1601

    Baptisimal date of Florimond de Beaune. His fame rests on the two brief notes published in Schooten's Latin edition of Descartes (1649 and 1659-60). In the second of these he raised the first inverse tangent problem: determine a curve from a property of its tangent.

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    Florimond de Beaune
  • 10-7-1885

    Niels Bohr born in Copenhagen, Denmark. The famous physicist studied atomic structure and radiation.

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    Niels Bohr
  • 10-7-1893

    Khayyam's tree transplanted. When the poet/mathematician Omar Khayyam died in 1123 he was buried in a spot where the north wind would scatter rose petals over his grave. On this date a rose tree started from those on Khayyam's grave was transplanted to the grave of Edward Fitzgerald (1809-1883), the Irish translator who made Khayyam's poetry so famous in modern times. For Khayyam's geometric solution to the cubic, see Howard Eves' Great Moments in Mathematics (before 1650).

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    Omar Khayyam
    Edward Fitzgerald