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Project NExT: New Experiences in Teaching

Project NExT: New Experiences in Teaching

Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching) is a professional development program for new and recent PhDs in the mathematical sciences (including pure and applied mathematics, statistics, operations research, and mathematics education). It addresses all aspects of an academic career: improving the teaching and learning of mathematics, engaging in research and scholarship, and participating in professional activities. It also provides the participants with a network of peers and mentors as they assume these responsibilities. Each year, about sixty faculty members from colleges and universities throughout the country are selected to participate in a workshop preceding the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) summer meeting, in activities during the summer MAA meetings and the Joint Mathematics Meetings in January, and in an electronic discussion network. Faculty for whom the 2006-2007 academic year will be the first or second year of full-time teaching (post-PhD) at the college or university level are invited to apply to become Project NExT Fellows. The application deadline is April 17, 2006.

For more information, visit the web site at Project NExT is a program of the MAA. It receives major funding from the ExxonMobil Foundation, with additional funding from the Dolciani-Halloran Foundation, the American Mathematical Society, the Educational Advancement Foundation, the American Statistical Association, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Texas Instruments, the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, the Association for Symbolic Logic, the Maryland/DC/Virginia Section and Metropolitan New York Sections of the MAA, and the Greater MAA Fund.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006