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Perseverance is Key

What impression of the mathematical pursuit do we give students? Answers are pre-known (they are at the back of the book or are in the teacher’s mind), all can be accomplished in a fixed amount of time (quizzes and exams are usually timed), and the goal is to follow a pre-set intellectual path (as dictated by a curriculum). Open research and problem-solving tasks, on the other hand, usually possess none of these features! Persistence and perseverance are key skills absolutely vital for any success in original intellectual endeavors.

Read the strategy essay and the explore the Curriculum Burst practice examples from the MAA AMC.

"Perseverance is Key" Strategy Essay #7 (pdf)

Curriculum Bursts

Probably Above a Parabola (pdf) Watch the Video
Angles in a Star (pdf) Watch the Video
Focus and Directrix (pdf) Watch the Video
Coloring a Pentagon (pdf) Watch the Video
The Sum of the Ends (pdf) Watch the Video
Counting Evens (pdf) Watch the Video
A Random Sequence (pdf) Watch the Video
Counting Non-Congruent Triangles (pdf) Watch the Video
Arithmetic Logs (pdf) Watch the Video
Iterated Function Domain (pdf) Watch the Video
A Dart Probability (pdf) Watch the Video
Best Value (pdf) Watch the Video
Sitting and Standing (pdf) Watch the Video
Circles in Squares (pdf) Watch the Video
A Complicated Area (pdf) Watch the Video