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Avoid Hard Work

No one enjoys hard computation or a tedious grind through formulas and equations. Brute-force work should be undertaken only as a last resort! Do what a mathematician does - think very hard first to devise a creative, elegant approach that avoids hard work!

Read the strategy essay and the explore the Curriculum Burst practice examples from the MAA AMC.

"Avoid Hard Work" Strategy Essay #9 (pdf)


Curriculum Bursts

Units Digit (pdf) Watch the Video
Intersecting Tetrahedra (pdf) Watch the Video
Shaded Triangles (pdf) Watch the Video
Red and White Chips (pdf) Watch the Video
Pinwheel Area (pdf) Watch the Video
A Curious Surface Area (pdf) Watch the Video
Oneless Numbers (pdf) Watch the Video
Renumbered Dice (pdf) Watch the Video
Percent Shaded (pdf) Watch the Video
A Complex Compound Function (pdf) Watch the Video