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Combinatorics: A Problem Oriented Approach

Daniel A. Marcus


Combinatorics: a Problem Oriented Approach is a book on combinatorics that mainly focuses on counting problems and generating functions. By restricting himself to an accomplishable goal, without attempting to be encyclopedic, the author has created a well-focused, digestible treatise on the subject. — Rich Michler, MAA Online

The writing style is crisp and uncluttered...It would be a challenging and exciting textbook for instructors teaching an upper-division course to mathematics or computer-science majors. — James Rauff, The Mathematics Teacher

This book teaches the art of enumeration, or counting, by leading the reader through a series of carefully chosen problems that are arranged strategically to introduce concepts in a logical order and in a provocative way.

The format is unique in that it combines features of a traditional textbook with those of a problem book. It is organized in eight sections, the first four of which cover the basic combinatorial entities of strings, combinations, distributions, and partitions. The last four cover the special counting methods of inclusion and exclusion, recurrence relations, generating functions, and the method of Pólya and Redfield that can be characterized as "counting modulo symmetry." The subject matter is presented through a series of approximately 250 problems with connecting text where appropriate, and is supplemented by approximately 220 additional problems for homework assignments. Many applications to probability are included throughout the book.

While intended primarily for use as the text for a college-level course taken by mathematics, computer science, and engineering students, the book is suitable as well for a general education course at a good liberal arts college, or for self-study.

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