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Mathematicians on Creativity

Mathematicians on Creativity

Peter Borwein, Peter Liljedahl, and Helen Zhai, Editors

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Print ISBN: 978-0-88385-574-4
216 pp., Paperbound, 2014
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Series: Spectrum

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This book aims to shine a light on some of the issues of mathematical creativity. It is neither a philosophical treatise nor the presentation of experimental results, but a compilation of reflections from top-caliber working mathematicians. In their own words, they discuss the art and practice of their work. This approach highlights creative components of the field, illustrates the dramatic variation by individual, and hopes to express the vibrancy of creative minds at work. Mathematicians on Creativity is meant for a general audience and is probably best read by browsing.

About the Editors

Peter Borwein is the founding Project Leader and currently an Executive Co-Director of the IRMACS Centre. He is a Burnaby Mountain Chair at Simon Fraser University and has been a professor in the mathematics department since 1993 when he moved from Dalhousie University. He is also an adjunct professor in computing science. His research interests span various aspects of mathematics and computer science, health and criminology modelling and visualization.

Peter Liljedahl is an associate professor of mathematics education in the Faculty of Education, an associate member in the department of mathematics, and co-director of the David Wheeler Institute for Research in Mathematics Education at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. His research interests are creativity, insight, and discovery in mathematics teaching and learning; the role of the affective domain on the teaching and learning of mathematics; the professional growth of mathematics teachers; mathematical problem solving; and numeracy.

Helen Zhai graduated with a BSc in mathematics and Bed from Simon Fraser University. She has received undergraduate NSERC grants, one of which initiated her collaboration with Peter Borwein and Peter Liljedahl in their work on creativity in mathematics teaching and learning.


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