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The Contest Problem Book I

Hungarian Problem Book III

Compiled and with solutions by Charles T. Salkind

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164 pp., Paperbound, 1961
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A great many students have participated annually in the Annual High School Mathematics Examinations (AHSME) sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and four other national organizations in the mathematical sciences (Society of Actuaries, Mu Alpha Theta, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the Casualty Actuarial Society). In 1960, 150,000 students participated from about 5,200 high schools. In 1980, 416,000 students participated from over 6,800 high schools.

Since 1950, when the first of these examinations was given, American high school students have tested their skills and ingenuity on such problems as:

The rails on a railroad are 30 feet long. As the train passes over the point where the rails are joined, there is an audible click. The speed of the train in miles per hour is approximately the number of clicks heard in how many seconds?

Table of Contents

I. Problems
II. Answer Keys
III. Solutions
IV. Classification of Problems

About the Author

Charles T. Salkind, for many years a teacher of mathematics at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, was one of the founders of the Annual High School Mathematics Examination which began in 1950 as an activity of the Metropolitan New York Section of the MAA. In 1957 the examination became a national competition sponsored by the MAA and the Society of Actuaries. Professor Salkind became the chairman of the MAA Committee on High School Contests in 1961 and served in that capacity until his death in 1968.


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