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A Friendly Mathematics Competition

edited by Rick Gillman

A Friendly Mathematics Competition tells the story of the Indiana College Mathematics Competition (ICMC) by presenting the problems, solutions, and results of the first 35 years of the ICMC. The ICMC was organized in reaction to the Putnam Exam — its problems were to be more representative of the undergraduate curriculum, and students could work on them in teams. Originally participation was restricted to the small, private colleges and universities of the state, but was later opened up to students from all of the schools in Indiana. The competition was quickly nicknamed the "Friendly" Competition because of its focus on solving mathematical problems, which brought faculty and students together, rather than on the competitive nature of winning. Organized by year, the problems and solutions in this volume present an excellent archive of information about what has been expected of an undergraduate mathematics major over the past 35 years. With more than 245 problems and solutions, the book is also a must buy for faculty and students interested in problem-solving.

The index of problems lists problems in: Algebraic Structures; Analytic Geometry, Arclength, Binomial Coefficients, Derangements, Differentiation, Differential Equations, Diophantine Equations, Enumeration, Field and Ring Theory, Fibonacci Sequences, Finite Sums, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Geometry, Group Theory, Inequalities, Infinite Series, Integration, Limit Evaluation, Logic, Matrix Algebra, Maxima and Minima Problems, Multivariable Calculus, Number Theory, Permutations, Probability, Polar Coordinates, Polynomials, Real Valued Functions Riemann Sums, Sequences, Systems of Equations, Statistics, Synthetic Geometry, Taylor Series, Trigonometry, and Volumes.

Electronic ISBN: 9781614444008

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