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A Guide to Topology

Steven G. Krantz

A Guide to Topology is an introduction to basic topology. It covers point-set topology as well as Moore-Smith convergence and function spaces. It treats continuity, compactness, the separation axioms, connectedness, completeness, the relative topology, the quotient topology, the product topology, and all the other fundamental ideas of the subject. The book is filled with examples and illustrations.

Graduate students studying for the qualifying exams will find this book to be a concise, focused and informative resource. Professional mathematicians who need a quick review of the subject, or need a place to look up a key fact, will find this book to be a useful research too.

Steven Krantz is well-known for his skill in expository writing and this volume confirms it. He is the author of more than 50 books, and more than 150 scholarly papers. The MAA has awarded him both the Beckenbach Book Prize and the Chauvenet Prize.

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Electronic ISBN 9780883859179

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