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A Tour through Mathematical Logic

Robert S. Wolf

This is a remarkable book, both in terms of the considerable material that it covers and user-friendliness with which it is presented.... The author ought to be commended for having written such a clear and carefully crafted introduction to the whole field of mathematical logic. — Yehuda Rav, Mathematical Reviews

This is a book I would have cherished when I was beginning research in mathematical logic. It surveys the background knowledge that every researcher in this field should have. — Wilfrid Hodges, SIAM Book Reviews

A Tour through Mathematical Logic provides a tour through the main branches of the foundations of mathematics. It contains chapters covering elementary logic, basic set theory, recursion theory, Gödel's (and others') incompleteness theorems, model theory, independence results in set theory, nonstandard analysis, and constructive mathematics. In addition, this monograph discusses several topics not normally found in books of this type, such as fuzzy logic, nonmonotonic logic, and complexity theory.

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Hardcover ISBN: 9780883850367 (No longer available in hardcover.)

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Electronic ISBN: 9781614440284

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