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Classroom Resource Materials

This series provides supplementary material for students and their teachers—laboratory, exercises, projects, historical information, textbooks with unusual approaches for presenting mathematical ideas, career information, and much more.

Series Editor: Gerald Bryce


Books available for download include:

Calculus: An Active Approach with Projects
Stephen Hilbert, Diane D. Schwartz, Stan Seltzer, John Maceli, and Eric Robinson

Counterexamples in Calculus
Sergiy Klymchuk

Creative Mathematics
H. S. Wall

Excursions in Classical Analysis
Hongwei Chen

Explorations in Complex Analysis
Michael A. Brilleslyper, Michael J. Dorff, Jane M. McDougall, James S. Rolf, Lisbeth E. Schaubroeck, Richard L. Stankewitz, and Kenneth Stephenson

Fourier Series
Rajendra Bhatia

Historical Modules for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Victor Katz and Karen Dee Michalowicz, Editors

Keeping it R.E.A.L.: Research Projects for All Learners
Carla Martin and Anthony Tongen

Mathematics Galore!: The First Five Years of the St. Mark's Institute of Mathematics
James Tanton

Math Made Visual
Claudi Alsina and Roger Nelsen

Rediscovering Mathematics: You Do the Math
Shai Simonson

She Does Math
edited by Marla Parker

Solve This
James Tanton

Visual Group Theory
Nathan Carter

Which Numbers are Real?
Michael Henle