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Combinatorial Mathematics

Herbert John Ryser

This polished and readable account of some fascinating aspects of the subject is devoted mainly to existence problems including several basic, original contributions made by the author himself … the subject is justly known for its difficulty, and Ryser is to be congratulated for his clear presentation. The exposition is supplemented by a good index and an appropriate bibliography for each chapter. An attractive feature is the mention of various interesting unsolved problems, in which the field abounds.   —Victor Klee in Science

Herbert J. Ryser is widely regarded as one of the major figures in combinatorics in the 20th century. His Combinatorial Mathematics is a classic which has enticed many young mathematics students into this area.

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Electronic ISBN: 9781614440147

Paperback ISBN: 9780883850473

Hardcover (out of print) ISBN: 9780883850145

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